Polar M400 vs V800

The sports watches V800 and M400 from polar support not only professional and amateur athletes in training, but as Fitnesstracker is available for the entire day and try to keep up with a software update with current Smartwatches. If this works, reveals our test.

Polar M400 came in June and July 2015 to a certain celebrity, because the national football team used the sports watch for training for the World Cup of women in Canada and the players wore them not only on the training ground. The V800 is more than twice as expensive, but also more features. This is worthwhile only for some sports – and not everyone should pay the surcharge prematurely.

GPS sports watches for training at any location

The V800 and the M400 have much in common: ranging from the polar flow app via the pulse measurement using a chest strap up to five keys for the operation. The control over the five keys – actually four, because one only serves, the backlight to turn on – it has internalized quickly. The red button in the Center selects the active menu item or calls from the time display the overview of the choice of sports smartwatches. The high and down keys take you to the menu or the Infoscreens at the sport in the respective direction. The back button at the left side, you finished an activity or goes back one step in the menu.

Both watches are prepared with their up to 30 meters depth waterproof housing for swimming and running, walking, cycling, strength training, group training and other indoor and outdoor sports. The V800 attacks triathletes in addition still explicitly under the arms and copes with MultiSport. Depending on the type of sport, the clock decides whether or not she activated their GPS location. Depending on location, several minutes can pass until the bearing to 100 percent. I had to go to the city between four to five-storey residential buildings between one to two minutes wait – sometimes it went faster. En route the connection sure, was accurate but not on the meter, if I subsequently look at my route on the cards – what struck me so but so far all non-military GPS devices.

Your daily activities and the training data you can check also directly on the watches, but easier to read and even color that is flow app on your Smartphone with the polar. The synchronization via Bluetooth, the watches also use to get the pulse measurement by chest strap. The application sends the data to the Web portal of polar continue to you the data with the USB-cable of the watches and the program flow sync can send directly from your computer. The data of the V800 and the M400 are each well suited in order to keep its own progress in the eye, and are offered as a basis for revision of training plans.

Fitnesstracker for the whole day and not only training partner

The polar are V800 and the M400 not only sports watches that you wear during training, but also Fitnesstracker, stayed 24 hours a day on your wrist. This significantly better suited the M400 in my eyes. It is lighter, less bulky and feels for me while wearing more pleasant. In addition, you can more quickly adjust your bracelet. Do me now do not misunderstand: the V800 is easier than you thought if you hold them in your hand at the wrist, but your shutter is so hard to open, that you can move him not go if your wrist has become thicker. And this can be the case several times in the course of the day, as I noted in the Fitbit batch.

I wonder why does chest straps polar still on the pulse measurement. Clearly, their statement after the data are reliable, as if the heart rate, such as the Apple Watch, or the Fitbit batch HR on the wrist is measured. That may be true, but I would not wear the chest belt throughout the day, but only targeted for training apply – which can be quite sufficient for Yes. But it enables training logging of sports watches also quickly if you are swinging for a short distance on the wheel and carries a heart rate belt. I have checked both values – the Polar chest strap and the batch of HR – irregularly while jogging. They differed up to two beats per minute – only directly after applying the chest strap, there were ten strokes. After this small test, lacking any scientific foundation, which represents an individual observation, the need to access, to the chest belt has become even smaller in my eyes.

Many notifications do still not Smartwatch

With the smart notifications polar its sports watches to Smartwatches going. In practice it is but only to receive notifications of incoming messages of different apps appearing on the display of the V800 or M400. This is helpful and informative, but still far from the functionality of the Apple Watch or the Android wear-Smartwatches. You select whether only a note or a preview of the message will appear on the watch and can set times, the clock should go into any notifications. So far, they work smart notifications only on the iPhone with the iOS version of flow app. The Android version to extend polar in the course of the year to this function.

In addition to the many similarities, there are also many differences between the V800 and the M400, and especially the more expensive V800 offers more features, you can also expect at a price more than twice as high. These help but not all athletes. And the investment of 399,95 euros worth not always because the 159,95 EUR for the M400 is often sufficient. For the chest strap for heart rate measurement you’re paying different high premiums of 40 and 50 euro, so prices rise on 449,95 and 199,95 EUR.

Why the extra charge for the polar can be worth V800

The proprietary charging cable the polar V800 is in my view no advantage compared to the micro-USB cable the polar M400, but the more expensive sports watch boasts the support of several sports and also some additional features in. This includes the display of training load and recovery status, which help to better assess your limits, to recognize the willingness for further training and training intensity and duration on your exercise goals to vote. In addition, you can perform the orthostatic test with the sports watch and receive performance track swimming. In addition the HeartTouch function, acoustic and vibration alarms as a whistleblower are training available for the operation. And browse to the display when running, needs to tap you on the display.

In addition the V800 with the bicycle sensors is of Polar compatible and offers with 60 hours a twice life span for GPS and heart rate data. Unlike in the M400 is not the GPS for the altitude measurement on charge, but a barometischer air pressure sensor that delivers more accurate data.

Battery power is top

Despite active GPS polar V800 and convinced the M400 with long battery life. After eight hours in standby, 30 minutes GPS and heart rate measurement, as well as 15 minutes GPS, the battery of the V800 just below 100 percent showed charging stand. The manufacturer speaks with her training time and 30 days in the time display including activity measurement of up to 13 hours. The M400 reduce this information on eight hours of training time and 24 days time display and Fitnesstracking. Other Fitnesstracker with battery come to no more than seven days, only devices with button batteries to change create longer periods – with up to six months, and eight hours of training should get together even professional footballers in one working day.

Sporty? Yes – smart? No

The polar V800 and polar M400 are more than just Fitnesstracker. You are helpful training tools for all athletes who don’t want to move not only occasionally and want to improve their training on the basis of measured values. The smart notifications are a nice additional feature, the two sports watches don’t but still long to be the Smartwatches or serious competitor for the Apple Watch and Android wear models.

Who is preparing for a triathlon and on the lookout for current models, is in my opinion the polar V800 not past. All other athletes should look exactly whether the additional features are worth the price more than twice as high. They are not me personally. However, I find significantly more convenient that polar M400 on the wrist and can you imagine much better than 24-hour Fitnesstracker.

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