Popular Science for Ipad Sells 10,000 Signatures

One of the biggest hits of print magazine that worked on the iPad is the centennial American magazine Popular Science.

Bonnier Technology Group , a publisher of Popular Science, has sold 10,000 subscriptions of its version to the Apple device.Little compared to the 1.3 million signatures of the printed version.

But, remember, this number represents the period of just six weeks.

A lot of research before creating the app

Popular Science + leverages most of the new features available for the Apple tablet. Especially the multi-touch ipad at Liuxers.com.

Pressing your finger on any box on a page it “disappears”, giving way to a photo that fills the entire screen, for example.

The index is always hand in the bottom, and the touches on the screen almost always reveal a surprise.Like the interactive infographic.

The result is a rich and user-friendly browsing experience.

The work was carried out by a small in-house team of researchers and editors, along with a London creative agency, BERG, and Bonnier, which took responsibility for the studies of user interaction.

Sara Öhrvall of Bonnier says that the team sought to make a radical deconstruction in the experience of reading magazines:

“We researched a lot, mainly how people consume printed magazines.So we knew exactly where we should go.”

A new reading experience

Popular Science’s main challenge was to translate content into a new user experience.Thus, the content has not been reinvented, but adapted.

Mark Jannot, editor in charge of Popular Science + and a member of the Mag + team, believes that Popular Science + combines the spirit of the print magazine with the advantages of the iPad:

“What happens with the iPad is that it is a portable device with which you feel extremely independent.”

“Our goal was to offer a digital magazine with the feel of a printed magazine.We believe that this is crucial to focus on what we already offer printed, that is, a fantastic and enjoyable experience, highly visual and well elaborated, but at the same time beautiful, fluid and perfect for the iPad.”