Postman Bags

Postman Bags (or schoolgirls) turned mania in my life. When I started to see these bags around I found kind of weird and just thing, but when you get to see them on the street and enjoying … we go crazy!!! I don’t particularly know more use another type of bag, I’m going to explain why: 1 -comfort: the handle allows us to turn and roll, do anything without having to be worrying that the stock market is falling all the time. 2 -the size is ideal for you to load everything you need without the unnecessary, so it’s not that bag that weighs horrors. 3 – it is beautiful and each day more throw most wonderful models than others. 4 -can “administer” my puppy seated on the lap of one side and the outru bag, all in perfect harmony, hahaa.

I Can Talk More Of This Craze?

Ever since that the presenter Alexa Chung appeared with those bags postmen and Mulberry brand decided to create a model inspired by the girl, the bag became an It Bag turned mania … soon more turns accessible, right?

There the national brands tried to make adjustments in their models in no time! Arezzo, Cori, Ellus, shoestock, Luiza Babu … for every budget, but all very faithful to the inspiration model Alexa! Another gorgeous model is the model PS1 of d. Proenza, hahaha, Proenza Shouder brand, I’d say on their own, the PS1 and Alexa are the most copied, if are copied is because are desired huh? The whole world wants!!! I want a PS1 #comofaz?

Over time, were more fun options of postman, with prints, unusual colors, and look … from what I understand, the PS1 ‘s surpassing the Alexa model in copies … but it’s so beautiful like a school bag defined by PREORDERHANDBAGS.COM.

The 284, which provides scholarships for the store Pop Up Store, as far as I know, was that propagated this craze to copy handbags, italicized modify texture, prints, colors and make the whole spree! rsrsr and we love right? But always being faithful to the copied templates.

There, second I was doing there in the supermarket and in the session of clothes had this mannequin with a copy of Alexa model of SWEATSUIT! (alow, 284.) And so cheap. R! What most surprised is a supermarket selling “trend” with affordable price and with a touch of fashion … popularize the well-dressed, please? lol

Other achadinho that I thought was cute the bag style Alexa suuuuper faithful in Renner! by R$109,00!!! I thought very cute model. Who is looking for a little model mailman to invest without spending a lot, I nominate this from Renner! Sooooo cute!

But, even though all these templates all showed beautiful, the model that has taken the breath, the passion in mailman has been the PS1 Linen… the some time I come dating (but dating mexxxmo) this model of d. Proenza. Is is Deuso deuso! The exact price I don’t know … it should be about a $1500 dolletas?? around … Both dated … I found a replacement. Yesterday I gave a Bluejay in Lala Noleto blog and saw that the LAX Store is to launch at the beginning of April the little model inspired the PS1 Linen … and should cost around $300.00. Good huh?? I’m in the queue! Lol