Preparation for Horse Riding

Cross is part of the composite competitions in equestrian sports.Many practice motocross and ride salons are also organized where participants without starting cards can participate. A cross, but simple, requires a lot of horse and rider. Find out how you and your horse can prepare as well as possible.

Request Program and data

When an association is organizing a cross or tripalon notice in a quiz program. In the case of this program contains important information that participants need to be informed. The cross is formed? What is the height and weight of the cross? What do you have to organize yourself? You just cross also includes a dresuurproef and / or a jumping course at? According to the rules operated there? Some Crossen not use a lot of fixed obstacles, but obstacles rays fall. These intersections are good for beginners.
When the task is important to think carefully about the experience that you and your horse in motocross. If you run cross some classes, you can trust with a cross fixed obstacles. If you have never done a cistern, up or disassemble, it may not be wise to ride a very complete cross. Sign up for a height that suits the combination. A common hurdle to jump 80 centimeters is often easier than a permanent fixture of the same height.

Materials: What do you need?

In almost all of the cross, you are required to wear a body protection. These can borrow someone with about the same size. It is wise to cross with it sometime ride, it is often some getting used to. During a safety vest you wear preferably a long-sleeved shirt. The sleeves protect your skin in the fall and the good branches. Take care of a good cover. Some crossings must provide their own rugnummerhouder. For other crossings must pay the deposit, for example, a vest with the number. Ask in advance for a moment.
A martingale is sometimes mandatory, but highly recommended. When you fall off the horse, get less in the reins.There are special patron cross of the legs of your horse, but are often operated with normal practice crosses tendon boots. If necessary, use bell boots for protection.
The cross combinations can often recognize striking colors in clothing. With an appropriate apron and a shirt can go far. You can still set to increase significantly.


You and your horse must be in good condition. It is advisable to start in good time before the cross training gallop in the forest, a long dirt road or on the beach. Gallop long distances in a row, but keep an eye on your horse can run.Train yourself a nice front seat that can easily keep you full.
A crossles course is a good preparation for a cross. An instructor can help you with your posture and sitting in a cross. It is advisable to make sure to do your first up and dismantle under the guidance of an instructor. Many cross has a cistern, it is also advisable to get used to your horse here. When you have no chance to follow a crossles, you can also create a route with specific barriers. Spring, for example, agree on a tarpaulin or ask some farmers over an obstacle. Keep it safe. All is not appropriate to make a barrier.

Day of the Cross

The first cross is often exciting and you may not want a big breakfast. Take some voedzaams for the road. Provide enough water for you and your horse, especially on hot days. A hay net can eliminate a lot of stress on your horse and keep him busy when he has to wait for the trailer. Take a sponge and a bucket of mushrooms of your horse after the cross. Depending on the temperature, you can take a sweat blanket.

Safety and fun

As you cross the care of yourself and your horse and adapt your choices to it. When the horse is tired, step or trot lot. Do this even if you keep it myself no longer fully, only if you see fit, you can react violently. Is your horse on some dubious leaps? Jump a few times an option until he has confidence. Make sure you and your horse a nice day!Extract the finish is already a big challenge.