Printed T-Shirts For Film Festivals

One more year, the festival of fantastic and horror films Acocollona’t took place in Girona, filling the city with zombies, terrifying projections and cinephile talks.

 And one more year, they relied on t- shirts for their printed t-shirts.

The T-shirts printed to film festivals are the cheapest, easiest and most effective way of promotion as well as being a memory for everyone.

Customizing T-shirts in 1-ink serigraphy is the most economical option to then resell T-shirts at a price that will ensure you a minimum of benefits. And it is not economical, but also ensures a quality of printing almost unmatched.

The shirts Regent Sols are promotional shirts available for customization good value for money in the market. It is chosen for events, music groups, associations, exhibitions, clubs… In addition, it offers an incredible range of colors to choose from, from the most classic to the most eye-catching.

Textile screen printing is the one we recommend to customize t-shirts for festivals. In this technique of personalization it is necessary to take into account that each color of the design is stamped separately, so that each different ink slightly increases the technical expenses.

The recommendation of is to reduce the colors to 1-2 inks, and take advantage of the color of the personalized t-shirts in negative. An effective design can make the difference, as you can see:

Each event is different and seeks to offer or surprise your audience with different, so in our online textile catalog you will find different promotional items to customize:

For a customized budget you only have to contact us and we will advise you on garments and personalized stamping.