Printing T-Shirts At DTG

The print shirts in DTG can play any design, logo or photograph with great detail, with a soft feel and amazing quality; A great alternative to textile screen printing.

The digital printing manages to capture with great fidelity all the details, colors, shading and gradients, even pictures.

To print T-shirts using DTG we use a state-of-the-art textile printer, the Kornit Avalanche, which works just like any printer you have at home. Thus, your design goes directly to be printed on the shirt, quickly and simply. If you are in a hurry and need few units, digital printing is the ideal technique.

You will only find three limitations if you want customized t-shirts in digital printing:

The cost is medium-high, since special inks are used for the textile printing.

The delivery times can be extended if in large runs of shirts.

It can only be used on some clothes, such as T-shirts or sweatshirts.

If you are looking for a similar result to print cheap t-shirts and your budget is a bit tight, you can always opt for stamping in quadritrans .

La Pasiega cheese from Peña Pelada asked us for corporate printed shirts , since they are continually attending gastronomic fairs, competitions and tastings. A simple and economical way to create brand.

Many companies, businesses and companies choose to customize t-shirts to attend conferences, conferences and fairs, to easily distinguish and give a more corporate image. An idea that never fails!

When choosing a T- shirt to print, doubts may arise. But there are garments, like the Gildan Ringspun T-shirt , that are perfect for any occasion, thanks to its quality and its incredible price. Its wide range of colors available will convince you with complete safety

Do not wait any longer to start printing shirts online at quickly, simply and cheaply!