Programma Eredivisie 2014-15 PSV

PSV enters its second season, led by Philip Cocu. PSV plays its opening game of the 2014-2015 season against newcomer William 2. This race takes place on Sunday, 10-08-14. PSV plays its first big event on 24-08-14 against Ajax. On 30-11-14 play against PSV Feyenoord, on 01-03-15 and 22-03-15 again for Ajax against Feyenoord. Below is the full schedule for PSV this season 2104-2015.

Retrospective 2013-2014 season

After six years in a row to become a champion PSV sold several key players as Strootman and Mertens. PSV would do it with young people. While the first matches were promising dropped the team from Philip Cocu as a plum pudding together. It was so bad that PSV disappeared from the left hand bar. Consultant Guus Hiddink had to help PSV on top again. Young PSV players were advised by Guus experience expert and suddenly started PSV to win their matches. Eight games in a row was won and people had jobs again hoping for something beautiful. Only PSV did nothing to prepare against tougher opposition. By mediocre football team and in the end many losses PSV ended a more than deserved fourth place.

Topmatches PSV 2014-2015 season

Here is a list of the matches PSV during the season 2014-2015.

Complete program PSV 2014-2015

Below the PSF of the whole program in the 2014-2015 season.