PWN Egmond Marathon

PWN Egmond Walking Marathon will be held in 2016 for the thirteenth time. Be surprised by the beautiful but tough course and the friendly atmosphere of this event. You can choose for hiking or Nordic walking. Distance: 10.5 or 21.1 kilometers. The event will be held on 23 and 24 January, 2016.

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  • When is the event?
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  • What does participation?
  • Please note!
  • Availability of Egmond aan Zee
  • Information about start and finish
  • For what distances can you choose?
  • New since 2013!
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When is the event?

PWN Egmond Walking Marathon to be held in 2016, on Saturday, January 23 and Sunday 24 January. You can attend both days, but you can also choose one of the days.


You can register from the end of June 2015, registration closes on January 11, 2016 or earlier if the maximum number of participants reached 18,000 walkers.

What does participation?

Two days 21.1 kilometers: 18.50 €
One day, 21.1 kilometres: 11.50 €
Two days 10.5 kilometers: 15.00 €
One day 10.5 kilometers: 9.50 euros
Walk shirt: 12.50 €
Medal: 5.50 €
Shuttle Ticket:

Please note!

  • The trail is not suitable for people with disabilities and strollers. It’s a tough course and there are some staircases belongs to the route.
  • Dogs allowed on leash walk along alone.

Availability of Egmond aan Zee

  • With the bike.
  • By bus: at the time of registration, you can order a bus ticket. This is a bus shuttle service.Regular schedule: Watch
  • If you are arriving by car, follow the traffic attendant’s instructions and follow the signs.
  • You can also be removed and taken by car, this is a special road, signposted. You will be directed to the shoots Peter Street, here you can get on or off.

Information about start and finish

  • You can start from 8:00 to 10:30.
  • The finish is open until 16:15 pm.
  • You start and end at the water tower Sports Hall. The gym is open from 07:00 to 17:00.

For what distances can you choose?

You can select both days for 10.5 or 21.1 kilometres, this is also valid for Nordic walking. The track is off with arrows and band.

New since 2013!

New is that on both Saturday and Sunday for the North Route, direction Mons, and the road to the South, direction Amersfoort, written in. Through this program change now applies a limit of 18,000 participants for the entire weekend.
The southern tour
The trail goes first on the North Sea Beach in the South. You go 21 kilometers when you leave the beach of Castricum aan Zee, then walk along the Kennemer Duincampings through the dunes to the middle way.This 21 and 10 together, you go through the sand dunes to the end.
North Route
Along the North Sea Beach in the North. People who make 21 kilometres, leave the beach and go with Nick Schoorl dunes in the town Forest in the North Holland Dune then to Reserve of pwn and the mountains. It is where people along the 10 kilometres walk. Through the winding paths to the destination.

Good/good to know

  • At the finish line will receive a medal as a souvenir.
  • A portion of the registration fee by the PWN Egmond Walking Marathon benefits the Arthritisgrunden.
  • The organisation is in the hands of the Foundation Le Champion.
  • On the hiking trail, photographers attend punching stations and in the gym.
  • Water tower in the Sports Hall are changing rooms available.
  • Medical support: by the Red Cross in cooperation with the Rescue. For most of the city’s stations will be set up in a post. In case of emergency you can call a special phone number: see software, a mobile red cross post comes to you for help.
  • Entry stamp marked on the trail map.