Recycled Leather Belt Bracelets

Looking for the new must-have in the field of accessories? I’ll suggest we care fashionistas: the bracelet Centimeter! Yes, if you have ever played the classic centimeter every good mother preserves with needle and thread, you can tell at a glance what we’re talking about: a bracelet entirely made ​​of aged leather, with metal clasp, which faithfully reproduces the centimeter by seamstress! Very cool!

The new object of desire for those who feel the soul traveler and loves the made ​​in Italy is undoubtedly the most original bracelet Centimeter, a faithful copy of a centimeter that tailors use in boutiques to take measurements… a sort of homage to the world fashion old style conceived by Diego Fogo, Fiorin Davide and Simone Moretti. The realization is the craftsman Giordano Torresi, who expertly aged hand the skin to achieve the original vintage effect . The fully closed by c LOSURE patented magnetolock, practical and safe.

You can choose between two nice colors, the classic yellow gold and the Artic White World 2, in white ice.

The price for such a pearl bracelet is 19,00 € on PHYSICSCAT. In short a gem fashion for everyone!

Tested and approved by the editors of Fashion Pourfemme!

Each of us happened to be the evil eye. Becoming a victim evil, envious eyes is terribly uncomfortable. This may incur headaches, problems at work and family and even health problems. One of the most reliable ways to combat tutorial is wearing a red thread protection. As a rule, it binds the left hand of the man who wants to protect because diseases lesson and misfortunes attack from the left. Today instead of red thread can put on your arm simple red bracelet against the evil eye, which will protect you from envious glances. Against the evil eye bracelet also it is worn on the left hand. It must be in red because red is opposed to negative energy and bad thoughts.

It is believed that the tradition of tying a red thread on his hand or put a red bracelet against the evil eye dates back to the time of Rachel, wife of Jacob. After her death around the grave and was curled red thread that to this day is considered a barrier against evil.