Red Lingerie

If you have a lingerie color that is guaranteed success at the time of seduction, this is without a doubt the red one. Powerful, super-feminine and sexy, this color meets all the attributes to leave your love crazy for you. As it fits well in all biotypes, from lighter skin to a brunette, there is no mistake! You know what’s even better? At Le Lingerie you will find several types of pieces in this tone. Check it:

Bras: Red has long since ceased to be a color to be worn only at night or on special occasions. Even because nothing better than a red bra to feel even more confident and value the production of the day to day, right? Models with lace are preferred, but there is still room for the most basic, and also for those with special support functions or reducers.

Panties: You do not necessarily need to make a bra + panties set, so at Le Lingerie you will find the option to purchase only the bottom. With models ranging from the basic to the provocative, the red panties are usually lace, which makes it even sexier.

Sets / bodies: We have always talked here on the blog that fashion sexy lingerie is not synonymous with special occasions. Have you ever wondered how your partner will look at you with a beautiful set or red bodie? If you know the answer, it’s time to choose yours already!

Sweaters: Red alone is already a sexy color, so imagine a red lace sweater and / or with transparencies. You have everything to raze!