Return Of The Backpack 90s

The 90s are coming back strongly, not only musically, or on TV, but also in fashion. And so, after flatform wedges and crops up here is that the backpack-fashion. You are ready ?!

From Paris, with love. In fact comes from Chanel the overwhelming imposition of a return, it may not be welcomed by all.

Matter of taste, of style. The backpack is back.

I know, your mind is already wandering in the school memories, including trips to summer camp and mountain walks. None of this.

The backpack is now signed, it has simple lines and soft and is very feminine. The backpack can be perfect with different types of looks, from the collegial, perfect outfit for a concert (want to put the peace of mind of not having to think about the bag dangling and indolenzisce shoulders?), And it may be that in a chic touch completely new style of the hipster and rapper .

In short, a truly versatile accessory, just get used to the idea of returning a bit’90s.
But this is what the influencer have decided for some time, and will not return until the ghastly neon colored leg warmers, we are safe.

As always the big names in fashion are already vying to create (and sell) the IN model backpack and then Alexander McQueen goes studs and glam; Frankie Morello sportswear always opt for a trekking version with hearts and bows; Trussardi is classic as always, with a colored leather perfect to combine with a masculine style, made of lace-shirts and low; Carven is inspired by tribal, with Aztec prints and multicolor; Alexander Wang a lone voice and creates pockets in rigid leather with horizontal cuts in Fontana, wearing bias …

In short, the options are many, just choose the one that best fits your mood.

No excuse will be impossible not to find the perfect backpack in the midst of all these varieties. And you are ready to return this ?! Here are the top 10 backpacks chosen for you: