Rihanna Fan Smartphone Destroyed in the Selfie Snap

Never give your Smartphone in hand Rihanna… Also the President of the police Committee of Los Angeles from the events of last Friday has drawn this doctrine. Steve Soboroff met her at a basketball game for the Los Angeles Clippers against the Oklahoma City Thunder and wanted to have a memory image of the singer.

Rihanna was not long to ask and took the photo with Soboroff. But apparently she had slippery finger – because its Smartphone slipped from her hands and fell to the ground, apparently broke the display, Gawker reported. On a photo spread, the Soboroff about Twitter published, is the misfortune to see.

For A Good Cause

However, Soboroff took the mishap apparently with humor. He also announced in a tweet, let to the highest bidder, auction off the broken Smartphone, which Rihanna donated without further ADO still an autograph – and money of a foundation of the Los Angeles Police Department to come to. Who met in future Rihanna and want to record a Selfie with her, should give its smartphone so I’d rather not out of hand.