Road to Dragons, with Components Action Puzzle to End The Invasion of Dragons

After a little more than two years in the Japanese market, game Road To Dragons by ACQUIRE Corp.. has been finally released internationally so that everyone can enjoy this panel-action RPG, which puts us in the shoes of a chosen that has that Save the world from an invasion of dragons.

This action game with small pieces of the puzzle on its way forward on the screen and combat, presents us with a history in which we will have to go forward while we defeated enemies and evolve our characters got more, and fight with an advanced version of the classic the RPG fighting mechanics Japanese.

Road To Dragons has two distinct areas. On the one hand we have the menu in which we carry out operations as increasing level, fusion and improvement of the characters that we are collecting, we choose the missions that we want to perform, we buy in the inner tent or use invocations.

On the other hand we have the mechanics of missions, which always recurs and consists of moving across the screen choosing the movements we have available, and thinking of us as well as use them to avoid fighting and try to collect all the chests which we can from which we will be encountering by road.

At some point we will reach the end of the conventional screen and have to fight the final boss, who will be a dragon. At this point, the screen that we had movements now bottom It will show us different attacks that you can perform, and which will be combining to make spectacular combos.

RPG seems…

I wouldn’t finish this small article without making an appeal to stop the developers put the label of RPG games that really aren’t. Road To Dragons is an entertaining game with characters who evolve and a history with PNGs and events, but the plot is linear and we do not have any decision making power, so much climbing skills and developments it could never be considered a role-playing game.

But removing a server hobbies, is an entertaining game, with good graphics, a lot of screens, and a system of progress that invites us to continue playing to finish with the last dragon or make us a little more powerful still.

Road To Dragonsversion

  • Version of Android: 2.3.3 and higher
  • Developer: ACQUIRE Corp..
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
  • Category: Role-playing games