Sales of Apple Watch

Iwatch: Apple Sells 60 Million in the First Year?

The waiting is in the final curve: two months until the iPhone – three to four months until the iWatch. But question marks remain. Fan boys wonder: Apple will deliver iWatch on time the great iPhone Phablet and that this holiday season? Another question concerned Meanwhile, analysts and stockholders: how many copies of the iWatch can Apple sell in really in the first year?

Ming-Chi Kuo has currently not many good news for Apple fans. At the weekend, the KGI securities analyst shocked followers of the cult group in Cupertino with the message that the delivery of large could – be delayed to iPhone 6 version due to production difficulties possibly until 2015.

A few days earlier, Ming-Chi Kuo had already distributed an other time shock: also the launch of the iWatch could pull up somewhat longer than expected, warned the KGI securities analyst Apple fans usually disappointments. The reason for the adjustment of own forecast is apparently due primarily in the hardware, the production of which is create more difficult than initially anticipated.

There are many arguments for the iWatch…

The iWatch is to have a flexible AMOLED display with Sapphire Crystal cover, be watertight according to high standards and contain a new chip, some forecasts. On the diagonal to the iWatch 2.5 inch measure and stand out slightly from the wrist, say other speculations according to which a total curved shape of iWatch is clear.

The first Wearable von Apple let wireless recharge and as expected are operated through a touch interface, was also recently heard. That the iWatch stylish will look and alone becomes the ultimate friendship band for Apple fans by their immediacy on the wrist, are other, more emotional arguments for Apple’s wearable.

…doch how well sold Apple’s wearable?

Alone: How will Apple’s first new product sell for four and a half years? That is the multibillion-dollar question, analysts puzzled over the months. The coffee grounds like could not further apart. Apple itself should have applied his production with approximately 50 million units in the first year, was last heard – an order of magnitude, that certainly could be somewhat high for a completely new product.

The Investment Bank UBS predicted sales in the amount of the first year of sales of iPad recently – that would be about 20 million units. Naheliegenderweise factor: the price. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, for over a decade the most prolific Apple observers of Wall Street, recently warned that the well-known Apple’s premium pricing in the sales potential could restrict once more. Munster believes that comes the iWatch for proud 350 dollars in trade.

Katy Huberty: Apple’s brand binding key success factors the iWatch

Deeper, Katy Huberty sets on the price – namely at $300. On this basis expects usually forecast secure Morgan Stanley star analyst with an overwhelming success from the State, according to their study published yesterday.

“Apple’s integrated ecosystem of hardware, software and Internet services is interconnected than many think,” says Huberty. Based on their AlphaWise-trackers, the Morgan Stanley analyst has already made extremely accurate predictions about the iPhone sales in the past.

Their thesis: It is the loyalty of customers and the “halo effect” of existing products that would make Apple Fanboys and – girls willing iWatch buyers. Apple clearly ahead of the competition – and that is increasingly with a “brand loyalty” by 90 percent.

Sales of 60 million in the first year in it

According to Huberty, brand loyalty in 30 million iWatch sales in the first year can be translate – at a retail price of $300. This is the baseline scenario, the Apple stock rise in the next 12 months to 110 dollars per share of stock looks after the Huberty.

But it could be even better: In the Bestcase scenario, Huberty predicts even 60 million sold iWatches in the first fiscal year – and therefore as much as so far no other analyst. The Apple stock would shoot up within the next 12 months after this onslaught of buyer up to 132 dollars, speculates the Morgan Stanley analyst.

Apple should sell iWatches over 360 million a year to replace the iPhone

But what effect will actually have the iWatch on Apple’s consolidated balance sheet? Known is the iPhone, which makes up more than 60 percent of sales and plays even 70 percent of profits, Apple’s life insurance, which is now in the eighth year of their life cycle. The pressure on Tim Cook, to invent a new product category, which can compensate for an end of iPhone growth in the medium term is correspondingly large – iPad was not known to meet the claim.

Apple this fiscal year, which is two and a half months to end, could drop off about 180 million iPhones – 2015 expected sales well above the 200 million mark. At an average sale price of nearly $600 per iPhone Apple’s Kultsmartphone would play this year alone incredible 108 billion dollars – in expected sales totals by $180 billion (60% revenue share).

60 million additional revenue selling iWatches just 10 percent

To advance ever in the magnitude, that share is expected to grow in the next 12 to 15 months after the iPhone 6 rollout, the iWatch would deal a gigantic as every gadget previously. Makes at a retail price of $300 to simple arithmetic: 360 million remote Apple Smartwatches.

Given these dimensions Katy Hubertys forecast of 60 million seems less stunning than it looks at first glance in the first year – 15 million per quarter that would be -. Apple would have opened up a new source of revenue in the amount of $18 billion–by 2015, not even one-tenth of the total.

To reinvent Apple as wearable group, the iWatch would so become the greatest success in the history of the technology industry. Either way: for the fledgling Smartwatch industry, Apple’s will be iWatch in any case the “Make-or-Break”-Moment.