Samsung 2 Gear and Gear 2 Neo

A day before a leak has already announced it, now it’s official: Samsung’s second-generation Smartwatch is no longer on Android as an operating system, but on Tizen. Thus, the wearables from the Galaxy family fall out and hot 2 and gear 2 neo gear simple. They will appear in April.

On the day before the official start of the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona Samsung with 2 gear and gear has vorweggeschickt 2 neo already a revelation – and with the switch from Android to Tizen also the first surprise. Despite the changed operating system Samsung’s second Smartwatch generation from the start will be away compatible with significantly more Galaxy smartphones and tablets, as even its Android-based predecessor

A Smartwatch with, One Without a Camera

Despite the change of OS and the shortened name gear 2 and gear 2 neo visible in the tradition of its predecessor, Samsung has remained however close to the design template. But one detail has changed: the camera is no longer attached to the bracelet. Thus, the bands in the second Smarwatch generation of Samsung can be changed now by Mcat-test-centers.

The camera in the case of gear 2 is located directly on the display; the gear provided as cheaper entry-level model completely stay away 2 neo. How big will be the price difference between the two models, is currently not known, especially since Samsung is so far completely silent about the prices. In April, but also some time remains until the scheduled release for this.

Dual-Core Processor Brings 2 Neo Gear 2 and Gear More Power

Technically, the two versions are otherwise identical and were equipped with a two-core 1 GHz processor – a substantial increase over the 800 MHz single core CPU of its predecessor. Also gear supported 2 and gear 2 neo with its built-in music player Bluetooth-headphones and can measure the heart rate of their carriers. Also in two models: a practical infrared transmitter can be controlled thanks to the television sets now, for example, directly from the wrist. A more reasonable improvement is the increased resistance to dust and water, which allows even temporarily to immerse the appliance in water.

Longer Useful Life Despite Lower Battery Capacity

Been worked significantly on the energy consumption of the gear series, Samsung seems to have. As the official press release, the useful life shall be now that two or three days in ordinary use, case rare use even whole six days. The Galaxy gear held out just slightly longer than one day. Tailgate behind it, however, is that the battery capacity is not multiplied. It has fallen even from 315 to 300 mAh. Whether the lower consumption is also a positive side effect of Tizen operating system?