Samsung Galaxy Q: A Smartphone, Even Better Than the Galaxy S5?

Galaxy-F-Series Should Trump After the Galaxy S Series

The Korean Smartphone manufacturer Samsung has a new series of Smartphone rumored to in store. Your name: Galaxy F. The new Galaxy-F series is to be very well equipped and in the hierarchy even through the Galaxy S series.

It is believed the rumors, there will be very soon a new series in the Smartphone industry leader Samsung: a Galaxy-F series. According to information of the Korean news magazine of ETNews comes the Galaxy-F series even with the Galaxy S5 on the market. As the release date for the new Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 is adopted next spring. The Smartphones of the new Galaxy’s F series should be equipped even better than the Galaxy S series. So far, the Galaxy S series represents the premium set at Samsung. The models of Galaxy-F-series should have an attractive metal casing and impressive amenities. The reports that Samsung would use no polycarbonate case of Galaxy F, by the way, carrying the model SM-G900F, for the first time for the Smartphone shell, instead taking well to metal, which makes the models still high quality. On the part of users was often finds fault with the polycarbonate housing of the Galaxy S4 or criticized been: many wanted a more attractive and better quality housing at the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy-F Smartphone should have a 16-Megapixel camera in addition to the metal housing and be equipped with a very powerful Exynos-Octacore processor. There is still no info about the display, but it supposedly has an insane resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels (QHD 2 K). There is no other guide to the Galaxy-F series so far unfortunately yet, but we will inform you as soon as we know more about the new premium line of Samsung.

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