Samsung Galaxy S II, First Custom ROM Posted

We were counting the days since last week we discussed that Samsung He had published the source code of your Galaxy S II. We already foresee that they would not spend much until the developer community take out any Custom ROM and today the Group of VilllainROM It has ahead of all posting yours. No doubt, both the LG Optimus 2 X and Samsung Galaxy S2 of will stand as the most desired dual-core mobile, but also more promptly to liberate them from your bootloader or coating manufacturer.

It must be recognized that large because of this agility in the presentation of the first Custom ROM from SGS 2 is due to the new strategy of manufacturers not hinder developers so that other users can decide if they remain as they are or if they take the reins of freedom. Whether due to media pressure, bad press or whatever it is, looks like users fabulous and hopefully to become a commercial standard.

The XDA Developers from your blog, they explain the process to be able to install this Custom ROM, However I would recommend caution and wait the more brave/experienced installation and tell that it is. With total security, thanks to the source code, the next CyanogenMod include this terminal is its list of candidates, and that if that is a Custom ROM with enough experience, support, and outreach. Those who decide to try to tell in the comments as you have done. You have the instructions on the link of the blog of XDA Developers and downloading from the website of VillainROM, luck.