Samsung Galaxy S2, Released Its Code Source

A few weeks ago we told you about a story on Samsung in which is rumored to be the possibility of follow the footsteps of Sony Ericsson and decided to free the bootloader of your mobile future. As well, today announced that they have released the source code of your desired Samsung Galaxy S2. This same strategy Samsung already repeated the earlier version of the SGS2. We assume that the good press generated by that decision has led them to the decision to repeat the formula with your current phone logo.

Thanks to this gift will be very easy to developers, as the Group of CyanogenMod or XDA Developers, they can generate their own Custom ROM so then the users decide if you prefer the original ROM Samsung or extra virtues of the alternatives. In any case this is always good news, and that is also happening with a mobile so recent and he expected a sales success seems more promising.

I hope that the competition take note and follow these steps, not only with its old terminals, if not especially with the newly launch. Manufacturers must realize that Android users are more demanding than the other platforms and that we take very seriously this updates and delays. Things that now will not happen with the SGS2 thanks to this offering from Samsung. Developers who want to start messing with this source code can download it now from the link you’ve put at bottom of page. Enjoy the code and your SGS2.