Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

7, 7.7, 8.9, 10.1: not unusual numbers to play the lottery, but the size of the Samsung tablet, which now cover virtually all the desires of each user papabile. And if we include the Galaxy Note we also have 5.3 inches. At this point we can also bet that the next model will certainly in the orbit of 6 “!

It is true that all the attention on Samsung tablet (if you can call it that) is catalyzed by the Galaxy, but we do not feel at all to overlook this new edition of the founder of the Galaxy Tab, which may have reached the “perfect” size (of course it is a matter of taste/personal use). The fundamental question is always the same: why do I need? For a marathon of back to the future we do not recommend this model, at least compared to other tablets more generous with the size (almost all); but think about it for that there we would recommend a Tablet Android (or other OS) a priori! However, if you are looking for a terminal that goes into any bag, backpack or plastic bag, and with such a burden to be passed almost unnoticed, then stop here.

The screen does not betray aficionados (and not only) the Super AMOLED, so much so that to realize the short video below was necessary to lower the brightness: it, not seeing anything. For the rest nothing special under the hood, since Android 3.2 is so customized TouchWiz UX do not distinguish it from other versions views eg. on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

But the device at the bottom we have already presented, so off to the media.