Samsung Gear 2 Compatible with iPhone

Gear S2 will enter the fray against Apple Watch even among the owners of iPhones

São Paulo – the Samsung make smart clock Gear S2 compatible with iPhones by the end of 2016. The appliance has the Citizen and only works currently paired with smartphones that have Android system – whether or not Samsung.

Alanna Cotton, Vice President of Samsung, confirmed the information to the PHOTIONARY, although it has not given more details about how this integration will happen.

The S2 was presented at the end of August last year and was the Samsung bet on fight against Apple Watch, Apple’s clock dominates the market since your release in April last year.

The initiative marks a shift in how Samsung deals with your devices. Before, the manufacturer released only smartwatches their own smartphones, then went on to release the use with gadgets from other brands. Now, the company seeks to market the iPhone among consumers.


The system used in Gear S2 is called Citizen and is an inicaitiva open-source based on the Linux kernel and maintained by the Linux Foundation in partnership with companies such as Samsung, Intel and Panasonic.

In addition, the system is also in a smartphone called Z1, sold in South Korea, and on TV. Despite the small number of phones with the Citizen, more than 1 million units have been sold.

Last year, the manufacturer has announced that all its smart TVs would use the system – a measure that has continuity in 2016.

As well indicates an analysis of The Verge on the Citizen, this system does not quarrel with the large segment mobile devices (Android, iOS, and Windows), but works as a space for quick and independent innovation of Samsung.