Samsung SGH-Z370

Slim, slimmer, samsung given its current model range could be the mobile manufacturer quite this slogan advertise with. After the other, the koreans on the market bring an ultra-slim mobile phone. Many models are just 1 cm thick, as also the SGH-Z370. Without the bulge for the camera lens on the back, it would be even just 9 millimeters thick. S is enough room for important tools in the case at all?

The battery performance is solid: The SGH-Z370 with a charge remains ready to receive between a 231 hours E netz and 250 hours in the D-NET. Who intensively uses the device for calls, SMS, as well as photographs, can be at least over 18 hours of battery life happy.

Photo And Music Function Only Mediocrity
Prints 2-megapixel photographs in postcard size 11 x 9 centimeters seem slightly blurry and noisy. There are no distortions, and the colour reproduction is of course. The fairly long with 3.1 seconds memory break between two shots is annoying in practice in turn greatly. Since only the mode series image does help. Thus, up to 15 shots in quick succession are possible but in very low resolution. With the music capabilities of the Z370 it is not far: The testers complained the sound quality as dull and something little dynamic. Also fit just seven songs in decent quality on the device. A micro-SD memory card, which would offer more capacity, is unfortunately not included. Maximum cards can be used with two gigabytes of storage capacity.

Buttons primus
Despite the slim design of the device is comfortable typing: Is a sufficient space between all keys, and they react precisely with noticeable pressure points. Who gets data from the mobile internet with the SGH-Z370 or sent emails with photo attachments, can do it very quickly thanks to the UMTS data turbos. This also on video calls pays off in the COMPUTER image test no image errors tarnished such video conversations.

Test conclusion: What you should know

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who is looking for a particularly flat phone, is well served with the processed solid SGH-Z370. His large and well lit buttons, as well as the fleet data transfer among the strengths of the samsung device. Fast UMTS noticeable positive just for videocalls. Weaknesses are the transmission and reception quality, the mere sound of the music player and the low delivery (no card).

Test result: