Samsung Smartwatch Gear S

Who wants a Smartwatch that works independently and without Smartphone? These requirements are fulfilled by the Samsung Smartwatch gear S, which can be usedwith a nano-SIM to the phone.
With the gear S, Samsung brings an autonomous Smartwatch which can theoretically be used without Smartphone. With a Nano-SIM-card, you can also immediatelymake calls and surf the Internet with 3 G. There is a downside as well as the Smartwatch: first of all, it runs with Tizen (and not with Android wear) and you will still need a Smartphone. We explain why.

S: Smartwatch gear processing and display
Smartwatch gear S: sensors
A the Nano-SIM card slot, as well as the heart rate monitor is located on the backof the watch. The contacts for charging the Smartwatch are also here. Samsung provides a charging station, where you can recharge the Smartwatch overnight. Mentioned brightness sensor is installed next to the home button on the left. The UV sensor to find, which collects UV rays for you and convey is that one should be possibly not too long out on the right side of this button. Yet the pedometer, which ishowever found in all Smartwatches is worth mentioning in Brazil – check
Smartwatch gear S: software
Here, the biggest criticism is too sensible. The software is Tizen what was used in the first Smartwatches by Samsung. There is the problem that not many apps are developed in a closed system. Here, developers prefer Android wear or the Apple Watch plunge. There is a lack of popular apps like Whatsapp or Twitter. There is the doubt that the store will stagnate. Otherwise, there is also the possibility to usedifferent Watchfaces or surf in the browser. News apps show you the most important news of the day on the 2 inch screen. As a module in the device is installed, thedevice can be used also for fitness junkies as a GPS Tracker, what is ideally suited, for example, the Nike app.
Smartwatch gear S: phone and battery
The battery amounts to 300 mAh, which is enough according to Samsung for about 2 days. This is fall certainly on a day when using the telephone function or browsing with 3 G. The large display will consume but certainly much power, which should not cause for astonishment. The phone function is a plus compared to other devices, because it completely has no Smartphone, since both microphone and speaker in the unit are installed. Whether it makes sense with a clock is to call somethingelse. Another shortcoming is that apps still a Samsung Smartphone is required forinstallation. It is therefore not without Smartphone.
The Smartwatch gear S is a handsome and chic Smartwatch. Such as the phone oron the road make it unique on the market browsing functions. In addition a number of sensors, which greatly extends the range of the function. It can convince with aclass display; Tizen is unfortunately not so strongly positioned as the future competition by Google or Apple as a surface. Even the rather schwaächere battery could be problems to prepare if you too long are in the 3 g network. The greatest shortcoming, however, is the price of just under 400 euros. Is not haunted, many consumers a price especially if the devices are not yet mature. A cheaper alternative is the ASUS ZenWatch, which has a similar design, and for only half over the counterhere.
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