Samsung Will Soon Incorporate the Dual Camera Into the Galaxy C

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the most watched terminal in recent days. The South Korean company’s big bet has caused a furor, although some aspects, such as the fingerprint reader, have not been so well received.

However, everyone expected this new terminal to arrive with a dual rear camera configuration, which all high-end terminals are incorporating. We speak for example of LG G6, Huawei P10, Xiaomi Mi6, etc.However, we have not found such a configuration.

Note8 Will Not Be Samsung’s First Dual Camera Terminal

That is, since the new Galaxy S8 has not come up with the double chamber as expected, all eyes are on the upcoming Samsung device, the Note8. Already days ago it began to be rumored that this smartphone would be the first in the company to incorporate double rear camera.

Although everything indicates that this will not be so, according to our GSMArena colleagues tell us ,Samsung’s first dual camera terminal will be one of the Galaxy C family. And this comes from Weibo, one of the most used social networks in China, which has filtered the image you will see below.

The information comes directly from China , which is not surprising since this family of Samsung is usually launched in the Asian market , including the Chinese market exclusively. We do not have information on the technical specifications of that terminal, but seeing its predecessors, like the Galaxy C9 Pro , could come with 6GB of RAM and a mid-range processor, the Snapdragon 660.

If someone wanted to see a Samsung terminal with a double camera is in luck, it is very likely that we will see sooner than expected. With this we are not saying that Note8 will not have such configuration, but will not be the company’s first mobile to incorporate it.

Do you think Note8 will not be the first to have a dual camera? What do you expect from Samsung?

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