Save the Date: Max Loves Marie and the Wedding Boutique

Recently, a dear friend who is also very creative asked me: “Hey, you can actually sew paper?”

Answer you have to imagine me with furious face and raised eyebrows: “WAAAAAAS, you’re not reading my blog? First I’ve written here about it! So good, specially for you: Yes. It is possible. Paper garlands, for example, are really the easiest DIY of world. Circles cut out, sew them together. Ready.”

It is already end with do it yourself for the day on the #DIYDienstag. Let’s get to something more important:

According to, Max loves Marie, the wedding boutique in Hamburg. Please paint you the 14 + 15.2. (Yes, there is Valentine’s day, what could you do better) already times thick and bold in your calendar.

Together with three other creative wedding madman, the wonderful event planners Dany and Bente by Agency in the boat and the fab DJ and photographer Capitan by my funky wedding , we prepare everything. We appreciate great applications of exhibitors, check, choose, plan: it’s a hell fun!

We want to create an event that is made just for you. With creative wedding professionals, we really appreciate and love and we unconditionally recommend you can. With a continuous program on stage and at the creative table. With party and tasty food, with opportunities for networking and great wedding ideas, some just to take.

We at EinHochzeitsblog – so Astrid and I (Yes, even Jessie, our bridal 2015, we have already committed)-of course there will be. You can like to ask us holes in the belly, and get rid of everything you have always wanted to tell her.Praise, criticism, comments: this is the time to do! We look forward to you huge. In addition, we prepare a chic raffle, stay tuned, there’s something great!

If you want to stay up to date look and on the homepage of Max loves Marie – also on our Facebook Page , we provide you with news.

So, out there.

Until then: it’s like I. I’m going to sew a few metres paper garlands.