Sense Special Watches: 910 Anniversary

The wheel chronograph with drag pointer function.

On the occasion of its 55-year anniversary, Sinn special watches or clock presents the model 910 anniversary. Watch lovers will be delighted with two extraordinary complications that characterise this timepiece. In addition to the STOP function, it has a drag-pointer mechanism that allows a measurement of intermediate times. This drag pointer will run synchronously with the second stop pointer until the drag-pointer pusher is pressed at 8 o’clock. Then the drag pointer remains in the rest position so that the intermediate time can be read. When the pusher is pressed again, the drag pointer picks up the second stop pointer and continues to run synchronously with it.

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Another complication excited by its historical value. For the 910 anniversary, the time is stopped by a wheel chronograph. Timepieces with such a construction are nowadays rather rare to find. They are regarded as craftsmanship and as an expression of traditional watchmaking art, since the control with wheel since the middle of the 19th century is the determining component of traditional chronographs. The production is very expensive, the assembly requires utmost care and precision. Since the wheel controls the start, stop and reset function, it is subject to high stress. The highest possible wear resistance is demanded, for example, as the smooth operation of the pushers come to bear. The working of the perfectly tuned mechanism can be admired through the visible floor of sapphire crystal, which provides a great aesthetic appeal.

Sense Special watches: 910 Anniversary with Schaltradchronographenwerk

The Stabappliken and the limitation on 300 pieces underline the exclusivity of this watch in addition. As a reminder of the Jubilee, the limitation number and the annual figures “1961–2016” are engraved on the ground.

Limited to 300 pieces

Stainless steel housing, polished/satin finish

Drag pointer function

Wheel chronograph, finely refined

Double scale for measuring units per hour (e.g. kilometers)

Sapphire crystal, both sides

Attached Stabappliken

Tight to 10 bar

Vacuum safe

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Technical features

Mechanical driven

ETA-Valjoux 7750

Automatic lift

31 Ruby Bearing Stones

28,800 half vibrations per hour

Seconds stop

Shock-proof according to DIN 8308

Antimagnetic according to DIN 8309


Stainless steel housing, polished/satin finish

Glass cover made of sapphire crystal, mirrored on both sides

Exposed floor of sapphire crystal, mirrored inside

Ground screwed

Meet the technical requirements of DIN 8310 for waterproofing

Tight to 10 bar

Vacuum safe


Hour, minute, small second

Chronograph with drag-pointer function

Double scale for measuring units per hour (e.g. kilometers)

Sense Technologies

Crown and pusher with D3 system

Dimensions and Weight

Housing Diameter: 41.5 mm

Belt push width: 22 mm

Total height in middle of the clock: 15.5 mm

Weight without tape: 93 grams

Warranty Period

2 years

Price incl. VAT

5,500 euro case with leather and solid bracelet

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