Seven Channels Of Vintage/Retro Beauty And Lifestyle To Follow On Youtube

References abound these days for the girls who want to invest in the retro style in time to compose the visual. In addition to the vintage photographs available on the internet, like never before, currently it is possible to find, on the network, women who take the retro as a lucrative business and open your routine to admirers, sharing tips on hair, makeup, clothes or even sharing a little about their own lives with those who are interested.

These are the so-called retro vlogueiras; models pin-ups, bloggers or just normal women who live the universe vintage and make the greatest success sharing videos on their Youtube channels. For who doesn’t know some of them, select seven channels gringos who you need to follow if you are seeking information, mainly about hair and makeup. Check out!
1. The Cherry Doll Face
Pin-up model, hairstylist and housewife, Cherry Doll Face lives in California with your husband and record videos on various topics to your Youtube Channel. There, you find from a unusual recipe that she decided to test, declarations of love for my husband to the most elaborate vintage hairstyles. The vlogueira really makes your tips seem to be super simple to viewers.
2. Lisa Freemont Street
Lisa Freemont can be a good alternative for those who don’t have a lot of patience to follow vlogs of girls with very thin voices (Yes, there are people who take that into consideration).Well, teaching vlogueira of Memphis, Tennessee, brings walkthrough of many interesting questions, like hair from different decades, inspirations of film and television, as well as covers and tips for various events.
3. Pinup Doll Ashley Marie
Mexican Ashley Marie is proof that any woman can become a diva; the before and after are impressive. Pro in the art of make-up, she also uses the space on Youtube to share techniques of hairstyles, reviews of products, among other ideas.
4. Current Vintage
Direct from VINTAGEMATTERS, the beautiful makeup model, hairstylist and blogger brings in your Youtube Channel many tutorials, interviews, references and inspirations, as well as open your day to day adventures in the world. Travel, decoration, beauty and lifestyle in a new video every week.
5. Vintagious
As vlogueira explains, in the Vintagious channel you can find tips to make life easier race of pin-ups. Natalie suggests simple and practical tutorials for use in everyday life. The channel is ideal for girls who are still in the first attempts to make the hairdo last. Vintagious makes it seem like anything is possible be applied in real life.
6. Vintage Vanity
Amusing, Jennifer brings very precious tips when it comes to hair. In addition to the tutorials, the vlogueira shares interesting reviews of various products and show a little of your retro lifestyle, such as trips to the rockabilly festivals, and the routine with vegan food.New videos three times a week.
7. Kandy K
Colored hair, tattoos and body colored makeup make Kandy the darling of pin-ups. On your Youtube Channel, she shares a little bit of everything; Tips on hair, makeup, looks, tattoos, family life and other nonsense. If you not satisfied with just one shade of lipstick or hair, it pays to follow the steps of this.