Seven Tips for Women “Plus Size”

A bit tired of looking and not finding elegant, sophisticated options, with good design and tailoring, full figure women often do not find in the”standard” fashion options suited to our needs. I followed these tips and I chose the perfect clothes and accessories for your look.

Pants with just shim.  The great wild card of fashion can also be adapted to all shapes and figures. An inevitable wardrobe item, we all long to find the “perfect fit“. Whether it is jeans, straight cut pants or tailor-made pants, straight leg pants generate a continuous line in the body, making the leg look taller and thin, as they fall from the waist to the ankle. Ideally be in a fabric with a little spandex to make it more contendor, comfortable and fit well.Nowadays, the kicker model is also an interesting option as it stylizes the lower part of the legs and allows to wear high boots that also make the figure more slender. Very comfortable and popular, also stand out leggings that play a role similar to tight jeans.Combined with a shirt or tunic, they look perfect for a casual, elegant and youthful look.

No to loose clothing.  Contrary to popular belief, garments that are too large and too large do not favor women with curves. What’s more, they just add more volume to the body and make us look bigger than we really are. The idea is to adapt each garment to the body of each person, respecting their curves and shapes. For example, a gauze shirt or blouse with a current print is an excellent choice to combine each occasion. Whether with polleras, leggings or pants, it is the ideal complement for a formal outfit at work, an after office or a distinguished dinner.

The cleavage.  The classic V-neck design on blouses, sweaters and shirts creates the illusion of a longer neck, conceals the bust and shapes the figure. A suggestive cleavage that shows a little skin and the indicated accessory that enhances the look creates a perfect frame to bring attention to the upper body and especially the face.Jackets, vests, long bags and ruanas are excellent garments that accompany all styles and highlight the silhouette. It is preferable that they are open and let see a beautiful shirt, blouse or shirt. The open or buttoned up garments also favor us. The chic touch we can give with handkerchiefs or foulards that add an extra to our outfit.

The cut princess.  Already famous in the feminine designs, the shirts or clothes with this form are irreplaceable. They are ideal because they tighten the upper torso and highlight the bust. His typical flight from the waist down provides a delicate and elegant figure.

Say yes to vertical lines.  The proposal is to choose garments with vertical stripes, as they stylize the figure and make us look taller and thinner. It is an old (but very wise) trick to create the illusion of a slimmer body.

Colors.  The ideal is to use neutral colors and basic as black: they will always disguise the volume. eye! The embroideries and the striking prints that contrast colors give a visual effect of greater amplitude. It is preferable to avoid bright colors.

Accessories, great protagonists.  When we talk about fashion, not only clothing is the main thing. The accessories that accompany and complete our outfit are also super important. Shoes, purses, belts, necklaces, chains, foulards, pendants, gloves, rings, bracelets, rings, buckles and all kinds of extra detail added to the look must be taken into account. For example, wearing high heel shoes is a wonderful trick to optically lengthen your legs and body. It can be complicated for some women to take them for a long time; Then, the option is to choose lower tacos, with platforms or Chinese taco, since they are more comfortable and simple to carry. The foulards are the touch of color and movement, ideal to give a visual cut to the entire cloths like shirts, divers or vests.

Advised:  Cecilia Piancino, Institutional and Creative Director of Trendy Plus Size,  a national clothing brand specialized in sizes from Large to 4X. Created in 2010 with the aim of providing all women with much more than fashion.