Sex and the City Makeup Tips

Here’s how to be as beautiful as in Sex and the City, the most popular cult series and followed by women all over the world who are in style. In 1998 started the first episode featuring the friendship of four single girls in New York, which with their outfit and beauty look marked an era, admired and glorifying to every fashion victim. Let us see the make up tips by Carrie & co.

Every girl in Sex and The City in the series has its own personality, which shows itself also in the various beauty look, make up and hairstyles, artfully designed for them. Doesn’t take much to make a trick and be sexy as Samantha, sophisticated as Miranda, fashionable like Carrie or more classical like Charlotte, keeping a perfect and bright for all basic facial made with pressed powder like the Nars Loose Powder. Samantha is without a doubt one of the most memorable character inSex and the City and is the only one that sports make up sexy and intriguing: she loves have DOE eyes that highlights with false eyelashes and mascara in curvanti as the Benefit BADgal Lash. Her lips are often colored by beautiful and seductive red lipsticks, voluptuous and creamy, which perfectly complement her look.

Miranda Hobbes is Carrie’s best friend. Lawyer proud, represents the modern woman mom and her career. Her make up are refined and elegant, but at the same time practical. Her beauty look consists of orange or nude lipstick, lips are so perfectly matched to the color of his hair.

Wise and strong, Carrie is alternative, intellectual, chic and romantic. For her pink lipstick and black pencil to enhance blue eyes are on the agenda! Carrie aims his beauty look on his eyes, the blue of the IRIS is highlighted by Brown shade eye shadow, like scoops Prismissime Eyes on Tempting Chocolate by Ehuacom and from lines of eyeliner and black pencils.
Carrie has evolved over the course of the series, and so even her beauty look: initially the hair of beautiful Carrie were long and wavy, later becoming the courts above the shoulders. Charlotte is the romantic woman of Sex and the City, and it was also seen in its look, well looked after with elegant hairstyles and never over the top. It’s a classic soul and traditionalist, but that does not give up to be chic. The nude makeup, but well laid out, is what most gives her. Sometimes, however, comes in shades of pink and beige that we find on the lips, on the nails and on the eyelids.To imitate his delicate trick you can use the enamel My Favorite Roses by Judy, semitransparent pink lipstick by Diego dalla Palma and the Pure Color Stay On Shadow Paint of Chanel in pink.