Sexy Lingerie to Wear on Honeymoon

Lingerie in case of honeymoon is required article, so that there are events to unite new and creative, the famous lingerie shower. Your bag should be prepared with some parts in particular a bit following the fashion, rather his style and particularly your body. The doubt is: in which pieces of lingerie invest for the honeymoon?

Marriage experts comment that some colors are required. For the first honeymoon night lingerie is white rule. The color symbolizes purity, a very traditional custom from the relationship with virginity and wedding night. All right, there are few cases of untouchable woman in the wedding tonight, we know, but there is no reason to keep the visual purity and male imagery. Men also like the color white in the female body and well-crafted pieces or income and precious stones are super charming.

As the moon honey lasts a few days, consider especially parts without repetition for each night.You can go in your suitcase red lingerie, one of the most beloved by men, black bodices that are pure luxury and glamor and prints like floral and leopard lingerie and zebra also a good choice.Take at least two parts for each day, with a moon of honey thrilled.

Tips for Organizing a Lingerie Shower

The lingerie shower is one of the coolest pre wedding events for the bride. Faced with so much organization and stress she needs time with her friends and this event is perfect. Man does not participate and is not a fancy party, just an event with little more than a cake and a favorite item of women: win this. It is also a great tip for those who are embarrassed to buy underwear in store.

In your invitation you should inform the dummy parts forever. This helps all her guests to find the items faster and avoid the inconvenience of an exchange. The panties number is P, M or L, as the bra is from P, M, L or XL to XL or by number, 38-48 or more if you are a plus size (refer to Search in your closet your most comfortable lingerie write down the number and provide the call.

The bride can direct purchase of his guests according to how you want to organize your lingerie bag for the honeymoon. One tip is to select color pairs, as two sets yellow, two red sets, two leopard, and so on.