Shell, Case or Bumper, What Protection to Choose for Your Smartphone?

2013 is the year of the smartphone and with the years, evolutions in the field will continue. The current trend is the use of materials that are always more pleasant to touch, monoblock shells like on the HTC One and the LG Nexus 4 or even the use of very large screens.

Although a great effort is made to design these small jewelery, it is often necessary to add protection to them, either to really protect them (yes smartphones remain very fragile devices), or so that the smartphone is visually differentiated from That of the buddy who, of course, has the same.

On the market, there is a wide variety of protective products for cellphone. Between shells, covers, cases and other bumpers, the most difficult is to choose the right material according to the level of protection desired, but also and above all by taking personal tastes into account. And it is not Guillaume who will contradict me…

Cases for smartphones: the ultimate protection

For effective protection of your smartphone , the shells are all indicated. Indeed, more than ever the primary objective of the hulls is protection against shocks.

A shell usually covers the entire back of the camera, leaving the camera and side keys accessible.

The protective shells of smartphones are manufactured specifically for each model in rigid plastic. It is possible to find them in all colors and with different textures that cover the plastic.

Just browse the merchant websites or go into specialized space to find the rare gem.

Apart from the colors and texture, a good hull must have the following characteristics:

Allow easy access to the side buttons, camera and charging cradle;

Be fine enough not to interfere with the phone’s grip;

To be pleasant to the touch, but that is a matter of taste;

The brands that offer models of hulls are: Belkin, Amahousse or even the brands of manufacturers of mobile phones.

Laptop sleeves: Elegance and sturdiness

Unlike hulls, the covers for smartphones cover the whole device. These are complete cases that do not allow to see the screen of the phone, but have the advantage of protecting it from scratches and dust.

The cover manufacturers are very ingenious in terms of bringing additional features to their protection.

For example, the original Blackberry cases are equipped with a magnet that detects the presence of the phone to activate a state. It is thus possible to decide via the parameters of the mobile that the introduction into the cover triggers the activation of the vibrator mode: practical when entering a meeting, for example.

The only disadvantage of the covers is that you have to go out every time the phone to perform an action: it can be tiring in the long run.

Nevertheless, a good cover must have the following characteristics:

Shock resistant (normal);

Have a quick ejection system from the laptop;

Bumpers for Smartphones: the solution class

Used for the first time with the release of the iPhone 4, the bumper is a molded plastic protection, which perfectly fits the shapes of the smartphone.

Its advantage is to leave visible the front and rear of the device by covering only the contour of the latter.

This is an effective protection for those who appreciate the original design of their smartphone but would like to protect it from shocks. It is not the owners of Nexus 4 who will tell me the opposite, given the fragility of the glass backside of the phone of Google.

The bumper represents the right compromise between the hull, the cover and the need to appreciate the origins of its mobile.

The characteristics of a good bumper are:

Have enough thickness to protect the back and screen of the mobile;

Allow access to the side buttons and recharging jack;

Be well adapted to avoid shock;

Universal cases for smartphones

Although many models exist and are suitable for the majority of smartphones, it is possible that your mobile does not have on the market, molded shells or adapted covers. The solution ? Universal cases.

Universal cases are in fact covers that do not fit the shapes of the phone, since they must be suitable for a wide range of devices.

They are often classified by size and adapt more or less well to the mobile.

The materials used for the universal cases are embossed fabric or cotton which are less resistant than the plastic of the hulls but fulfill their role of protection against dust and scratches.

Conclusion and in bonus, a contest and a voucher!

Personally, I am rather of the type to appreciate the telephones without protection or with the rigor with a cover. But considering the fragility of smartphones, I think to take a more solid protection for my future smartphone.

And you, are you rather housse, shell, case or bumper to protect your smartphone? Which subjects do you prefer and what are the advantages of each type of protection?

Do not hesitate to leave your opinion in comment.

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