Shoes For Outdoor Activities

There are equipment for all kinds of activities and pockets, and a huge market avid for news graduated from sporting goods of different branches. Not only for tennis, shoes and boots, but for all kinds of equipment from fishing, camping up the high-tech business. I am in favour of buying always the best equipment that your money allow. Sometimes we buy something of poor quality, and we end up having to buy a second product of better quality that really be able to answer. But not always the most expensive equipment is the best option. Now let’s talk a little bit about the shoes I wear for hiking, trails and campsites.

Tennis crew socks

I like to run. Run on asphalt, on the treadmill, in the sand, in the gravel. Run just like Forrest Gump. But as the main theme is the multiple ants deal ucebol, I would like to stick to hiking on rural roads. I cited the races because the tennis specific for these activities are the ones I use most of the time. Yes, including fishing, camping, etc. When a pair of sneakers have no further use for the races in asphalt, it is still useful to run in places with less impact, as in the mats and also for walking. Among all activities about what I do, the hiking in rural roads are at the top of the list! I like to hear the sound of the gravel as I walk. For this activity in rural hilly roads, it is not necessary a leather sneakers, usually harder, or tall. In my videos is not rare you see me using the comfortable shoes of race of cloth in place of high-top sneakers or even the boots for men, according to IAMHIGHER.COM. What fits here is common sense. I hate to put myself through the high grass. When I do, and rarely, always with leather boots. With a pair of sneakers in the middle of the Woods doesn’t mean that I’m on the verge of a bite of Bothrops. There are places and locations. Always prefer those that offer me lower risks. It is very common I extend a tarp in front of my tent and stay barefoot doing various activities. I’ve criticized him for appearing in videos mateiros using a common pair of sneakers as if it were a heresy. Do that it gives me on the tile depending on the location of my activities. Has cricket famous animal who walks barefoot on survival videos! And the Indians who still live in isolation, I wonder what use? Although I prefer a comfortable pair of cloth shoes in virtually 90% of the time, is often not the most appropriate. We will see below.

High-top leather shoes

I really like to do a second type of walk. When I go out to learn about plants or for photographing and filming birds and other animals, prefer the high-top leather shoes, maybe we can call it trekkingshoes. Despite having already performed this activity often with short pipes tennis, more comfortable, don’t nominate for this activity. These tall shoes allow greater stability when up and down ravines, we spent about rocks and other rough terrain. Eventually step by thickets where any snake can hide. Despite the protection not be ideal, it’s a little bigger than in pipes short tennis. It is important to point out that I never stopped going around doing what I like because I didn’t have a pair of high-top leather shoes. Just took more careful!

Doc Martens

Without a doubt, leather boots are the best footwear for about activities. In addition to a better protection against venomous animals, offer the versatility to tackle any terrain. There are brands comfortable for long walks and, at the same time, offering protection and stability. The problem of the best brands are the prices. I have a serious problem with either boots as footwear. For more comfortable that looks inside the store, just a walk half a kilometer to start to feel a discomfort in the heel. I’ve used all the techniques, believe me. Special stockings, inclusive. The only thing that will fix this problem in my case is a piece of microporo tape applied directly on my heel, although you can also apply the tape harder and even silvertape directly at the place where the seams of the shoes usually do his greatest injury. But it’s not something practical, which is why I have always preferred the comfortable woven leather shoes. I have a pair of boots that I paid a substantial sum, but I have done hikes of more than 10 km without problems, even without soften them and without using any ruse to protect my heels. It was hard, but I did find a brand that suits the format of my feet and my kind of Stomp, which is not to say that this brand for you too. If the activity that I’m about to do includes a track with high grass in the Woods, certainly is the footwear shown, otherwise, my option is for the comfort of a nice pair of shoes!

Boots PPE (personal protective equipment)

A good solution that combines economics and protection are the boots of EPI, so used in professional activities where security is important. There are boots EPI from different qualities, but generally speaking, are much more into account than leather shoes and boots.