Shopping Tips in Paraguay

Nothing like starting off the week with amazing tips and a super guess right people, Christmas is there, a lot of bashes, confraternizations, ai ai ai gets this time of year and we are already in search of news to leave the House ready for the bashes and in search of presents. But the Hunch of Luxury is here, to make life easier for everyone!The “Virtual Showcase” of today’s ball show, and today nothing better than some shopping tips in Paraguay  who amaaaa? Including who accompanies me on social networks, you know that last week I was give a little jump there in Pedro Juan Caballero to honor the ANGELITO inauguration. HOME, and people, the store was amazing, very complete, full of everything your House needs: crockery, Cookware, cutlery, bowls game, picture frames, anyway, the most varied accessory for home. You have no idea how this store is beautiful … I had no idea that the other side of the border it was possible to find a place like this, so organized and filled with wonderful pieces, chic and amazing quality. The exquisite design is present in the decorative items and the coolest thing is that it has really good prices! The diversity and present complete the decoration with great elegance, I was delighted and passionate, not to mention the reception that happened there!

And to enjoy, this Yuletide is perfect to perfect the details and arrange everything to make this season so special.And taking advantage of the leaves and the subjects are spinning around the year-end holidays, I couldn’t help but give a super guess for someone who loves to invest in decorating and leave the House beautiful, neat, very cozy, ready to receive friends and family. THE ALLINE. HOME specializes in house, table and much more, has everything we love and seek, in one place! I used to do several flashes so you can have an idea of the wonders that are scattered around. I made a video showing a little bit of the store and the prices of some parts, which between you and me, are amazing, too Valley the penalty stop by there. And of course, which chalked a few items on my wishlist not grow! So already I’m alerting: who is hitting legs in Pedro Juan Caballero/PY: you must know the ALLINE. HOME and check closely that all told, will be a unique experience for those seeking the very best for your “home sweet home”!

I want to thank the affection of all readers, friends and family of Alline who were honoring the event, here’s my thank you for your presence, I will put the pictures of everyone in the photo album on facebook! I made a video showing various prices of products so you can have no idea how it’s worth shopping around. Sign up there: Guess it’s only Official luxury have an email from gmail and ready, whenever in new video, you will receive an alert via email. In the video I talked about the prices of Crystal line cups STRAUSS, those chiquérrimas. I spoke also of Voluspa candles, prices that are maravilhooosooossss! My free was to take the whole store really, leaving my house DIVA, I love colored cups, colorful dishes, so life is more joyful and live each day as if it were a party even. Here at home I use everything, every day, I leave nothing to the special days, I do every day of my life being special. Is it love, pull the Chair because the post of today’s giant!