Shoulder Chain Body Jewelry

After the string to the wrist, to bust or to belly: Here are the novelty of this autumn-winter season: the chain to shoulder. This is the new original jewelry that may be the accessory trend this 2013 school year.

Its output is not too late, because we would have preferred to wear this beautiful gem on tanned shoulders in summer. We will wait next summer then !! No, no, and no, you can also wear it in winter with a dress strapless or sleeveless in the evenings. Also, if you find high for bare shoulders, take it as it will be much easier to wear during the day. With multiple channels, it is best to wear this accessory with sober outfits that will put him more in value. So avoid any outfit with patterns such as leopard, flowered or striped.

Across the Atlantic, shoulder chain has already been seen with stars like Hilary Duff or Natalie Portman, wearing it as shown below in the form of shoulder pads.

Ethnic, punk, bohemian or Native American, it really is for all styles. The different models that can be found are plated silver or copper and are the majority handmade.

Do not hesitate to wear this unusual jewel to beautify your shoulders and also outfit!!