Significance of the Ankle Bracelet

From the first day I started going out regularly, I immediately paid special attention to the choice of accessories. One thinks but not always choose a necklace or bracelets, wear a small scarf around the neck, all these little details that may seem insignificant yet have real importance and can greatly enhance a look.

I’ve always fallen for ankle chains and inevitably I had to find myself one, which was quite easy to achieve.From my first meetings, my chain was there, she was part of my outfits. I always carries in his right ankle.Do not ask me why I chose the right side, I do not know. Probably because quite simply I am right handed

The few times I decided not to chain it was either because I had fishnet stockings and it gives a little worse, or because I had the foot of flange shoes and that I had to choose between the shoe and the chain but not two at once.

I prefer of course the chains in silver, not the small cords of leather and flashy bit sexy.

I find this little bracelet from GLOBALSCIENCELLC adds a very erotic touch and I questioned myself as to the origins of this jewel and also its possible meaning. As usual, we return once again to prostitution or homosexuality according to sources.

Wear this kind of jewelry ankle come originally from Egypt. Each Egyptian put a chain around his ankle to “list” the number of lovers that the girl might have had in his life … with no difference between the right ankle and left. In Western gay culture, lesbians wore the “ankle bracelet” in gratitude. Thereafter, wear anklet has become commonplace for becoming an aesthetic object.
Among Gypsies, the chain left ankle was originally the symbol of submission to her man.

Although some people think that there is a sense (as a side representing heterosexuality and the other the opposite), there is no common definition. This simply means that you choose the side of the ankle where you prefer to wear the bracelet. But mostly the right side represents heterosexuality.

What is the significance of the anklet ?

While the above may be true for most people, it should be noted that in some circles or lifestyles, wearing an ankle bracelet has no significance. In recent history (30-40 years ago) wearing an ankle bracelet was generally regarded as indicating that the bearer of this jewel was “available”.

For years women wear the Coast anklet they want, as the most comfortable and the coast or ankle is narrower side … The stereotypes on homosexuality or the “easy” are gone! More recently, a modern and attractive woman, you can find this gem around an ankle, usually the right, but not always, indicating that it is available and looking for love or adventure (although there is a ring on her finger!). But of course, sometimes, in fact, most of the time, the ankle bracelet is just another jewel to feel more beautiful. In summary we can wear our anklets when we want and the side that we like most!

Anyway, I think this jewelry wonderfully for me and even though I always wear the same chain, I have several reserve for the event that I should lose my usual chain or if it were to break (these things are not eternal).

As for the thorny issue “chain above or below the bottom”, for me, there is no photo, it’s over! It allows the chain to move when you move or you stir and more if you place it on the bottom, it’s pretty sure that it will not last long and that horrible arrow will appear after only a few minutes. But the prettiest rest of the cover a bare leg and tanned.

If you buy your ankle chainette and the model you like is too short, do not hesitate to ask your salesperson a quote to extend the chain. I am a customer in gold story and that’s what I do for mine.