Size Guide for Pandora Bracelets

You found the PANDORA bracelet of your dreams but not sure what size? Looke or is here to guide!

Did you know?

  • The most popular size of bracelet Pandora is 19 cm.
  • To choose your ideal size, simply measure your wrist and add 2cm. If the turn of your wrist is endre two sizes, you can choose the smaller size to make your bracelet more adjusted, or size superior, if you prefer to carry it further.
  • A nine bracelet can be adjusted, but with time it has will soften and will gain in comfort.If you wear often, it will soften to a few millimeters (max 1 cm) but this length varies with the use of your bracelet with many charms it is decorated. More add charms and more your bracelet will adjust. Do not overload your bracelet, we recommend a maximum of 15-20 charms.
  • To find your Pandora bracelet size through  RRRJEWELRY.COM, you need to first measure your wrist tight. You can also measure a bracelet from your existing collection. To do this, measure it from one end to’ each other in order to get the correct size.

If you have fallen for a Pandora silver ring bracelet

You have your ideal bracelet size? So hurry to choose all charms, pendants, clips and other PANDORA jewelry that will make up this beautiful PANDORA bracelet. And if you don’t have the right size, you will have 14 days to redeem it for free!

Find Your Size Bracelet Pandora on Lookeor

If on Lookeor, official dealer of Pandora jewelry, you can discover all the most beautiful jewelry and charms that exist, you can also find many tips and tricks regarding the choice or the making of your Pandora bracelet. Because find Pandora bracelet size can be a problem when you don’t know how choose size Pandora bracelet! That’s why Lookeor to guide you so that you are not length wrong to make your Pandora bracelet fits perfectly on your wrist.

You have already chosen your charms, or you were going to do when suddenly you wondered what Pandora bracelet size take?Thankfully, Lookeor is here to help you Choose Pandora bracelet size, so that you can take full advantage of your jewelry.

Find all our tips in our article ‘bracelet Pandora size’, and learn how to choose the right length Pandora bracelet. Too small or too big, a bracelet easily embarrassed, and wear it becomes a constraint. Add to that the charms that will make you ill if the strap is too tight, or that may be too heavy if the bracelet is not enough, and you can be sure that you wear over your Pandora bracelet!

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