Skate Routes Nederland

Do you want to skate, but do not know where you can do this best? There are organized tours almost every weekend, you can go, but you can also go skating on his own initiative. Different types of skating tracks are available, you can be sure that the beautiful walking trails with good roads. Here is an overview of the Eastern Netherlands. Ice skating or inline skating is a sport that everyone can learn and where everyone can have fun, assuming you can find the right places know. In addition to doing good in the air and will at the most beautiful places in the Netherlands, it is also healthy and good for your figure! In the Netherlands, skates for all of these reasons a very quickly growing sport with a rapidly increasing number of practitioners at recreational level.Many beginner skiers can use any advice where to find Skate spots. Official tours promises a good start, which you can change to get in touch with other racers and experiences. But if you don’t have time to run all the Netherlands for a trip, you may also find yourself in the beautiful district skating paths to take, on its own initiative. Here is an overview of the routes in the Eastern Netherlands.


River landscape around Tiel is a stunningly beautiful setting for rollerblading along the River to find the Waal has many sites that are very much worth visiting. These inline skating route is primarily about the levees along the River, further you can rest twice because there are two ferry. The route is well country driving and is suitable for beginners, this takes the wind.
Great advantage to this approach is that it starts near the station in Oosterbeek, you can change the route so easy to achieve. The route is intended only for advanced skiers, as the road passes stuwal to the Rhine, so you should be able to slow down properly.
Even this route is easily accessible, because it starts and stops at a station. This time the Zevenaar railway station. The route runs through the former Rhine Valley, worth Pannerdense. This makes the road through rural areas and sanctuaries, which routes make it very worthwhile. In addition, the section is only 17 kilometres long.
This road has three starting points, namely: Mook Groesbeek, or Holy Land Foundation. It is a beautiful and varied way around Nijmegen with some climbs and descents that. Especially the slopes ensure that the line is only suitable for skaters who have good braking technology.


Near Raalte is a fine line skating path is drawn by the countryside, which is essentially on rural roads and embankments. The route is partially due to the villages of Raalte, booking is safe., Wijhe and Haarle and is intended only for experienced riders because the length of over 40 kilometers.
In Twente is a very nice Skate road. The so-called ‘? Three Route?? Start at station Hengelo, so the path is accessible. The range is located between Hengelo and Enschede and go around the Green Long????. With a total length of about 20 km, the road is also suitable for less experienced riders.


Of course there are many more ways are available than what you see in this short overview. The marked trails on guided tours can also be run on other days of the year on their own initiative. In addition, the Netherlands has a comprehensive network of cycle paths where you can skate to your heart’s content.Even the river dikes and woods are beautiful places to go ice skating. As you can see, many opportunities, be creative!