Smartphone Wireless IP Security Camera

It is well known today, our smartphones are almost everything, and we just expected the revolution they also make coffee. In the meantime, know that it is possible to have a smartphone with either the IP camera in less than 5 minutes? Follow the guide!

Transform your smartphone camera ip

To achieve an IP camera smarphone, we’ll already need a specific application. Having a home Android phone, following this installation will take place on this type of phone, but know that there are also equivalent on iOS, like IP Cam.

On Android we will use CCTV Security application (and yes, they have not broken the head for the name),available free on the Play Store . Know that other applications exist if you are looking for an alternative, such as IP Webcam according to SHOPAREVIEW.

When the application is installed, start. You should have a little explanatory slideshow showing you the possibilities of our dear Alfred. Then choose the mode “Camera” and leave out the mode “Viewer” for now.

You then have to link your device to a Google account and … that’s it! Pretty simple right? Now place your smartphone in a strategic location and we will go to the second stage, monitoring!

Monitoring, PC or Smartphone

You noticed initially, it is possible to launch the application to choose between camera or viewer. If you have an old smartphone, you can recycle it in camera, for your current smartphone viewer. You must then install the application on both smartphones and choose the right mode corresponding to both.

But there is another solution recently, monitoring via internet browser. Their service is in beta, but it is fully functional and is comparable to other industry software!

To connect direction here.

Once connected, you should see a list of your cameras (one here, unless you have a smartphone army to recycle). Do a small tour of the features!

All this will of course depend on the quality of your smartphone camera ip, however, the application has the same features of any good IP cameras. Motion detection, night vision, recording on the fly, possibility of making an image capture …

Motion detection

You see it in the capture of screen just above the icon at the bottom right shows the detection of movement. To have it tested, it is quite effective in all situations (day and night) but again, it will depend on the quality of the purpose of your smartphone. If ever a movement is detected, the application will immediately record a video for you to see her again later in your web interface.

Small tour features

When viewing the camera back in your web interface, a tool list is available, here is what you can find there.

From left to right :

  • Lets take a snapshot and store the photo
  • Switch between portrait and landscape mode on your camera
  • Turn on your flashlight on the device (if of course there is one)
  • Passage of the front camera to the main camera
  • Activation mode night vision (larger lens opening)
  • Full screen mode
  • Zoom
  • unzoom
  • Exit from playback mode

In summary

Alfred This small application (or Video Security, both names coexists on the Play Store, a bit confusing) is a very nice gadget in the end! It has many features and not be ashamed to address major industry since their application on mobile and web, is in good order.

The quality of the experience will necessarily vary according to the quality of your smartphone camera ip. Nevertheless it is a good alternative to buying a camera if you ever have an old phone lying around, and you can still use it as a test scale before buying a real ip camera.