Smartwatch Market Share 2016

It was up to the manufacturers such as LG, Smartwatches should be now almost as common as Smartphones. The hype surrounding the wearables, expected some time ago but remained out – and this is reflected also in the offer: CNET, Lenovo, LG and Huawei should have declared that they will publish no new Smartwatch models this year.

While LG at least a Smartwatch on the market brought urban 2nd Edition LTE this year with the watch, Huawei and Lenovo released 2016 still no smart watch on The Huawei watch and the Moto (2015) 360 are therefore for about a year with no successor – and since all three manufacturers apparently would have no other models this year, this will be probably still quite a while so.

Apple and Samsung divide up the market among themselves

Apparently Apple and Samsung are the single major smartphone manufacturers bring out further new Smartwatches. With the Apple Watch series 2 and the gear S3, both companies have presented new models in the past few weeks. It is not surprisingly, though, that the two largest according to the market research company IDC companies on the market, despite the hype lack of to present new Smartwatches. It is striking, however, that the current top models on the market not with Google’s Android wear run.

While Apple uses the Apple Watch series 2 of course on watchOS 3, Samsung’s gear S3 operates with the specially developed Tizen operating system. Both manufacturers also set focus on fitness functions that so far apparently represent the greatest benefit of wearables for customers. It will be exciting to see how the market for Smartwatches evolve in the coming year and whether LG, Huawei and Lenovo will use the time until the next release to develop spannende new features.