Smartwatch Series From Fossil Q

The topic of Smartwatch is still on everyone’s lips and meanwhile more and more watchmakers are increasingly familiar with this topic and launch their own multitalenes. A new addition to our shop is the Fossil Q collection, which it can definitely take with Apple & Co. But the new Fossil Q can do much more, it can look really good and is a technique wonder and accessory in one. With this wrist computer you can conquer the world and combine fashion with functionality. The basis of the whole is a specially developed app, which can be controlled comfortably from the mobile phone. Fossil Q makes life easier and gives you control over your social life. Meanwhile, we are all constantly connected to the smartphone and want to be constantly and everywhere accessible and do not miss anything. The push messages leave us little time to breathe, the handy display lights up in a tour. The new Fossil Q helps us to select and we decide which messages reach us there. In this way, any kind of messages such as SMS, mails or Facebook notifications can be displayed comfortably and easily, whenever we want. The Q Series of Fossil has a variety of models to offer: it is tailored to your individual needs and requirements that you place on your future smart companion on your wrist.

To make the decision a bit easier, I introduce you to the different models just before:

The beginning is the Q Grant, an electronic unisex watch that can do more than the first glance suggests. Purely optical, it looks like an ordinary timepiece, but under its dial, it can send messages, mails, and phone calls, if desired. Contacts can be assigned to different colors, and as soon as a particular contact calls or writes to you, you can see the colors that light up on the sides of the watch and vibrate gently.

For fitness friends Fossil has electronic bracelets in the assortment of popular smartwatches: The Q Dreamer for Ladies and the Q Reveler for Gents keep you up to date with regard to calorie consumption and completed steps. Who says that tracking bracelets can not look also stylish? They do it in any case and provide decorating sports moments.

If that is still enough, the Q Founder is fully satisfied. This is a true all-rounder, which also looks incredibly good. What more do you want? This truly smart watch is powered by Android Wear ™ and is one of the first timepieces with a digital display compatible with Android and IOS smartphones. The highlight of the matter is that you decide with a wipe, which design the display should have, the mood of the display can be changed at any time. The app, which is downloaded via the Playstore or App Store, allows you to configure the clock as you want it, and then you will be able to see all important information quickly and easily on the display of the clock. Depending on how much the watch is used, the battery will last about one day and then recharge it with a charging station.