Smartwatch without Smartphone

Android update Wear Smart Watches let more independent of the smartphone. LG Urbane Watch will be the first to receive update

São Paulo – the Google is launching today the your biggest upgrade to the Android system Wear-that has focus on devices of wearable computing, especially in Smart Watches.

A series of innovations that seek to enhance the experience will be launched for all Android models Wear on the smartwatch market. The first to receive will be the LG Urbane Watch (which is not sold in Brazil).

One of the novelties is a step to stop the clocks more independent of smartphones. With the device connected to a wireless network and the smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network, you can receive notifications and use apps – even if the watch is away from the smartphone.

Another example used by Google is that now the user can go for a run without taking the smartphone. The clock could use the GPS to get information about the exercise path. The new support for offline music will allow play your favorite tracks without having the phone in my pocket. It is worth mentioning that for this it is necessary to have a pair of bluetooth headphones.

Google has also made some changes to the smartwatches command. Is it possible, for example, roll the notification screen using wrist movements. Have you tried touching a smart watch and hold a cup of coffee at the same time? It was impossible.

Another novelty is to let apps visible any longer. While using an application, the screen will not turn off when the user to lower the arm. Instead, the screen will no longer display the color information and will be in black and white.

This helps on battery saving. In the case of AMOLED screens, the black pixel is deleted, without consuming energy. Leave the screen in black and white, therefore, implies spending little energy. At the same time it will allow the activity to be taken up with agility.

The latest news is the possibility of drawing emoticons. The system is able to understand the design and send it in a message.

Updating the Android Wear begins to be made available online today for the LG Urbane Watch. In the next few weeks she must get to the other models.