Smartwatches Technology Reaches The Swiss Watchmaking

Written by Raphael Calles in Montblanc, news with 1 Comment
Good news for those who thought he would have to get rid of your mechanical watch to adopt Smartwatches technology has just been published by Montblanc. Their newest concept in Haute Horlogerie is the and-Strap, which will integrate the urban models TimeWalker, including launching Urban Speed, which you’ve read here, in the WatchTime Brazil. The attachment will be officially presented during the international exhibition of Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2015, which will take place in mid-January, in Geneva, Switzerland. Innovation is the first to be presented by a luxury watchmaking and represents a real milestone in the industry.
As an interchangeable bracelet, and-Strap can be connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (low energy consumption) with Android and iOS devices selected.
Of the functionality of the device, smart notifications are included via vibration. On own bracelet, you can preview emails by subject and sender, read text messages, view of incoming calls and status updates from social networks, as well as reminders for upcoming meetings.
The activity tracker assists in monitoring of daily physical activities, which can be queried and controlled via application directly on your smartphone. The remote control function enables activation and capture pictures from the camera of the device, or even next, rewind, pause and play music tracks through a touch on the bracelet. The function Find-allows Me to find the unit or the watch band within a radius of 30 meters.
Timewalker UrbanSpeed model can be equipped with the new device
The device is embedded in a piece of stainless steel rubber that is attached to the bracelet of the watch, you can have between 20 and 22 mm. The brand claims that the autonomy of the device is up to 5 days, according to the intensity of use. Reloading is performed by a micro USB cable. Its compatibility is guaranteed with Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4, selected Android devices with Android OS 4.3 or higher, as well as models Apple iPhone 4s, 5, 5 c, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus.
Samsung handset Note 4, which can be synchronized with and-Strap features activity data
Made in leather Extreme technological, elaborated on Palleteria Montblanc, in Florence, Italy, the bracelet has legitimate appeal, elegant and urban sports. Its surface treated offers a texture that resembles carbon. An innovative technique that texturiza and impregnates leather provides resistance to abrasion, water, wear caused by heat, as well as fire resistance.
The suggested value of the attachment to the European market is € 350 and is expected to be available in the coming months. The value for the Brazil hasn’t been released.