Soccer World Cup 2014 Brazil

With all major championships sports facilities are being set up as the judge should help rectify the situation better in your hand. He had previously been a two goal judges as assistants, where he came to communicate with it through an earpiece, in the soccer World Cup 2014 Edition in Brazil is an evanescent foam “or” lost foam.

Evanescent Foam

It resembles shaving cream or spray snow, but it is a spray bottle vanish foam flute, words of warning, yellow and red cards in the arsenal of the judge. The stuff is first used by FIFA arbitrators at the World Championship in Brazil, in June. It gives sometimes too comic situations on the pitch: an arbitrator that draws a line on the ground at the foot of a wall player.

White line

The judge thus draws from where he would remain the players. The white line prevents being about the State of the ball or the location on the wall. Where the former player, who populated the wall, was the champion in the smuggling of centimeters or even metres, it is with the strict dash of white foam evident wherever they may be. Arbitration spraying a line on the site of the wall and a half circle to indicate the location of the ball. Arbitrators find the perfect solution. It prevents a lot of pushing and shoving and discussion and admonitions in the field in taking a free kick. The foam also saves a lot of irritation and a lot of time.

09:15 Fair Play

The capsule has a special name from 9.15 Fair Play. It is white foam, which is sprayed on the field, and occasionally leaves a visible white stripe. It’s called vanishing foam or foam disappears as it disappears after a few seconds. It is also sold as a spray or penal Judge-Temporary Foam Spray. The judge has a special Holster at the back, where the spray bottle is in the race. He can take a snap from his Holster and constant pede with syringes.


The topic consists mainly of water and butane gas. When replacing the gas pressure, bubbles and effervescence. It is as white as snow, and within a minute disappeared like snow in the Sun. The things are not harmful to the environment, it is biodegradable. Butane and vaporizes the water sinks into the ground under the lawn.
The jar contains enough foam to draw a line five times before a free kick. The capsule with vanishing foam costs so?? s eight per minivan.


09:15 named Fair Play is not just another name for the capsule. The required minimum distance between the ball and the wall is 9.15 m. By spraying a line judge has a lot less hassle and discussion on the pitch and the players, there is no more space to slide forward and mix of 9.15 m. In matches where no foam used hobble players in the wall sometimes Penguins forward to a distance of seven meters.
Sometimes things work chuckle. Not every arbitrator will deal with them appropriately.

Foam Duin

Some judges spraying a line so high that a dune at the toes of the players. There are also the judges who do not spray for shoes, but on the nose on the shoes. As was the case in Spain against the Netherlands during the World Cup. Referee Nicola Rizzoli sprayed the noses of Dutch Puma shoes white and orange players were not amused.


The KNVB has no plans to get into the foam for the season 2014-2015, but follows the activities of things with interest. In Brazil Flute Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers World Cup game and he used the spray also. He can convey their experiences to the KNVB. Football League rules out absolutely not to the Dutch scheidsen get things added to their arsenal, but first more focused on goal-line technology.