Social Network Without Advertising Gets $ 700,000

The managed to raise just over $ 700,000 so far in the last hours of a campaigna la Kickstarter to raise money and make possible a social network paid free of advertisers. The campaign initiated by Dalton Caldwell would be a promise of a holy land to developers and users that were fed the commercial practices of Facebook and Twitter.

Caldwell is no zeh anyone in the digital world. In 2003 together with Jan Jannik, former employee of Napster, he had the idea of ​​founding a music sharing service and playlists. The imeen, as it was called the project raised during the active years million in investments to be sold off in 2009 by MySpace. Since then, Caldwell has invested in the services of tools for iOS developers.


According to a post on his personal blog, Caldwell had presented a project that would be attractive to Facebook and got in June a meeting with some Facebook executives. At the time, executives told us that their project was competing news from the AppCenter social network and have proposed buy Caldwell company and hires you to develop your project on Facebook. The manager was quite upset with the outcome of the meeting in protest and decided to launch a campaign a la Kickstarter to launch a social network paid and without advertisers.

Exactly one month after the start of the campaign, whose goal was to raise half a million dollars, over 11mil users have donated an amount that exceeds $ 730,000. Caldwall asks for $ 50 as a minimum amount of cooperation so that the user has access to a year of social network use and you can reserve your username. Two other possibilities are the level of 100 dollars to developers can create applications for the network and the highest level of one thousand dollars of the right to a meeting with Dalton and telephone support for one year.

A preview of the new social network is now online and open to the public to check. At the moment she does not have anything special besides looking like a copy of Twitter. In fact, enough to be ironic anti-Twitter social network and anti-Facebook be created uponBootstrap, a development library created by the Twitter team.

On the project page it is clear that today’s services will be discontinued after a year of crowdfunding campaign if this is a success, which is the case so far. Apparently the anti-Facebook group is very confident to go can establish a free social network ads and paid. We will follow the next chapters of the novel, but one thing is sure: Caldwell managed to garner enough attention and at least 11 thousand people pro your anti-Facebook project.