Socks Knitting Tutorial

Knitting as the stars: athlete Magdalena Neuner shows us what beauty we can conjure up of wool and yarn and gives us their favorite tutorials.

Knitting is fully in line with the trend: it is Magdalena Neuner, which here shows us what we all can do with knitting needles. The result: Instructions for fashionable parts that we don’t want to tighten! Who also wants to be creative now, simply print our instructions for the socks with dots and squares up and go!

Socks with dots and squares
MATERIAL POLITICSEZINE quality”for miles” (70% wool, 25% polyamide, 5% cashmere, barrel length 210 m / 50 g): 100 g dark grey mix 50 g petrol, 50 g camel | Needles size 3. blunt darning needle. Cable needle to quiescing

SIZE 38/39
Right in rounds (RD) (re M) knit.
Rib pattern
1 M re, 1 M li in the Exchange.
Double mesh
The thread prior to the work place, re di n that Pierce 1 M, remove M and thread together and firmly pull the thread back. The M is pulled it over the needle and is now doubled. Is the thread not tightened enough, so unsightly holes in the fabric show later! Knitting tension

Smooth re with needles n ° 3:
28 M x 40 R = 10 x 10 cm.
1. cast on 60 STS with petrol, distribute this M then evenly on
4 needles (= 15 STS per needle) and close to the Rd. The end of the thread (= rounds change) is located in the rear middle, so between the 1st and 4th needle. 3 cm (= 12 RD) in the rib knit. Then smooth re knitting R 1 27 5-21-1-time work once and R, then work the R 5-9, while the repeat 15 times.
2. further work 4 R in dark grey, then start JoJo heel (see page 77-78, step 2).
3. the foot work again in round stocking. Repeat approx. 14 cm length of the foot from heel mid 7-9 of the one trick pattern again working series and 2-time after another 6 Rd. With the tip start after approximately 20 cm feet in length (measured from the rear edge of the heel). 4. smooth knit all M. The inspections work after step 4 on page 79.