Sodium Light Bulbs

The light bulbs are important in our daily lives. There are various kinds of bulb where Sodium bulbs. How many Sodium bulb types are available? What is the operation and the characteristics of Sodium bulbs? The reader, as a result of this article, will be the answer to these two questions.

What are the necessary supplies?

Life Lighting

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The light is a grace of God that we have for a very long time. But the man found himself the means to reproduce through the artificial light. Among all the elements involved in the light, the light bulb is a key element. Defined by MYSTERYAROUND, a light bulb is an object that can turn electricity into light. There are several types of light bulbs, among which we have the Sodium bulb.


The Sodium bulb is an object emitting light but with features specific to him. The Sodium bulb is a light bulb which has the Sodium vapor light source. They appeared in the 20th century under the shape of high-pressure lamp but they exist today in the form of low pressure lamp.


High pressure Sodium bulbs have high luminous efficiency and have a lifetime up to 22 000 hours. Also there are two models of Sodium bulb high pressure, one in ellipsoidal bubble tubular. They must be used with the right accessories. Sodium bulbs high pressure are used in the bells or in the spotlight and are recognized for their high luminous efficiency.


Consisting of a tube discharge forming a U, Sodium bulbs low pressure emit monochromatic light which gives it the highest light efficiency of all the lamps with a lifetime up to 18,000 hours. It is used in the lighting of highways because it has a high luminous efficiency.