Solar Panel LED Lamp

Today I will introduce a product that was provided to me by our partner Aukey, and which, I must admit, has served me well: LED lighting for outdoor, powered by a solar panel. As I explained yesterday, I took the summer to continue the work at home, and thus achieve a driveway on the side. Problem: this side of the House is very dark at night, and no electrical lines can’t. The LT – SL1 Aukey solar LED lamp is timely therefore.

We find the packaging now has become a classic of the manufacturer

The lamp is perfectly packed in bubble wrap, to avoid damage.

Inside, there are of course the lamp, accompanied by a small leaflet, a guarantee of 2 years, and a kit card pegs + screws for fixing. Also comes a template cardboard for the mounting holes.

The lamp measures 210 × 115 × 85mm for a weight of 433g. As we see, it has a detection cell movement, and below 38 Leds, able to provide illumination of 500 lumens, which is very good

According to PHONECATIONS, this LED night light is powered by a battery of 4000mAh, which is recharged every day thanks to the solar panel available on top:

The triangular shape of this lamp makes the solar panel will be tilted slightly, to always capture the light of the Sun. Even if the sky is cloudy, the Panel will charge all the same (the load will be less than optimal, but ca will similarly).

Setting, it is simply done with 2 screws aft, that simply put into the provided slots:

Note that this lamp offers 3 modes of operation:

Mode 1: In this mode the lamp lights up as soon as it gets dark, at reduced power, for “marking” a place for example. When a movement is detected, the lamp illuminates at full power for 20 seconds.

Mode 2: In this mode, the lamp is always off. She turns to full power in case of motion detection, for a period of 20 seconds.

3 mode: In this mode the light is always on at full power. If the battery is fully charged, this gives about 5 h autonomy.

This mode simply turns through the small button to the right of the motion sensor:

Personally I opted for mode 2: I didn’t need to be lit all the time, but only when moving. This way I save battery, and even on the way home at 5 in the morning, the lamp will still be autonomy.

The IR cell detects any movement between 5 and 10 m, on an angle of 120 °. I thus fixed at a height of about 2.5 m to the center of the gable of the House. The lamp is of course waterproof (IP65) and can therefore be placed homeless:

lampe_aukey_2Cela allows to illuminate the aisle that passes on this side without problem here. Detection is very sensitive, allowing an ignition once you put one foot in that direction, and the lighting is rather excellent, there are almost like in daylight! Anyway, 500 lumens announced well seem to be there.

Without lighting

Once enlightened, as we say it is day and night:

This solar lamp is simple and effective. No need for power line, no need to change the batteries, the implementation is simple, and very good lighting. Difficult to make easier to use! Personally I am conquered. And less than €30, I am seriously considering to put one on the other gear to illuminate the place where you park the cars. If you are looking for a quality easy to install anywhere lighting, do not hesitate