Sony E-ink FES Watch

Often in the past we‘ve heard rumors saying that Sony’s a clock with a flexible E-Ink display is working. It turns out now, that it will really give this watch, it will comebut not directly from Sony, but only by one of its subsidiary companies of Fes.

Round-the-clock presented should be completely covered by an E-Ink display. This technology is used for example in E-book readers. In addition to the ads, the clock offers however no other core functions, except the change of design. Because that is the main focus of the E-Ink watch, which sees itself as a pure fashion accessory. A button can be completely changed the design of the watch. The band included. At the moment, all 24 of these patterns should be select.
The project went quietly as Crowdfundingprojekt at the start. Within 3 weeks the funding target was achieved by the equivalent of 13,500 euros and now have over€23,000. Now, Sony confirmed the participation in the project. What mattered was intentionally without mention of the parent at the start to find out the true value of the product, the official opinion on the part of Pebble watch is called by COMPUTERGEES.
In addition to the watch, the company has further fashion projects in work. There are already first videos of E-Ink flies and shoes. In principle, the Start-Up CompanyE-ink as a new material for clothing tried to establish. Sony supports a variety of smaller companies within the framework of his “seeding on the goproject.
Although there is still no official release date for the E-Ink watch, leaves the Crowdfunding page indicates that all Baker early may can count on their watch.
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