Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: Mini-Ninja Attacks the Iphone

Conclusion: Sony with the Xperia Z1 compact the first Android Smart phone brings high-end features in iPhone format. In the test of the small Japanese turns out to be the Xperia-Z dynasty all honor: display, performance, battery life and facilities are excellent. Only when the camera slightly weakens the nimble mobile-Samurai.

While the top models of the competitors are getting bigger, Sony Z1 small from, compact sneak secretly, quietly on almost all over–at the time of the test even up to the second place. After testing it is, about a year later, still in the top ten again. The reasons for the top placement: The Z1 Compact is through and through a top model and on screen size and resolution with the 5-inch Sony Z1 identical.

Top Display With Stable Perspectives

The screen of the Z1 compact measures 4.3 inches on the diagonal, so slightly bigger than an iPhone screen. The resolution is 1,280 x 720 pixels, which ensures sharp views. Sony refines the LCD with the in-house Triluminos technology for more brilliant color reproduction. Our display test certifies the compact screen a very high brightness of 473,9 cd / m ², a decent contrast, and good results in gamut and white value. In side view, the image remains stable, at this point slowed the Japanese in earlier models.

Tips Processing With Space For A Card

Quality of workmanship and design are on a level with the expensive, big sister models. The Z1 compact nestles well and good grip in the hand, dimensions of 127 x 66 x 10 mm and weighs 137 grams to make their contribution. The phone is very prone to fingerprints without problems with a hand operated, the back. In contrast to the large Z1 is the back of the Compact not made of glass, but made of polished plastic. The trays for microsim card, MicroSD, and a MicroUSB socket under three keys sit on the left side. The internal memory is also around 10 GB, enough only for the bare necessities. The Compact is certified according to IP58, so dust and splash-water protected. The battery is not replaceable. Each Z1 Compact is a Xperia transfer cable for the exchange of data with. So, Sony wants to facilitate the transition from the old iPhone to the new compact.

XXL Motor Under The Hood

The Compact is not stripped down mini version with moderate CPU. Instead, the high-end platform of Snapdragon of 800 with four cores and clock 2.2-GHz works in the small Z1. Not surprisingly, this makes for an excellent pace of work. Apps load fast, we recognize no juddering or slowdowns. Also rapidly enter the Internet: the Z1 compact supports the mobile communications standard LTE of category 4, as well as the Wi-Fi standards a, b, g, n and ac.

Lollipop Views & Sony Services

The Z1 compact Android 4.4 with Sony’s own user interface is equipped by update, an Android-5 update will follow soon. The operating system is stable, looks tidy and provides numerous shortcuts. Sony not overplays on this point also. Only five shortcuts for important functions at the top sitting in the message centre. Other than for example in the current LG surface in the message center, where the half display with symbols and valves is plastered to. In the app menu, drag a menu bar from the left edge in the image. With this, you can sort the installed apps on a variety of ways. Continue to critically see the in-house services of Sony. The PlayStation Store see although exclusive gaming apps, but nothing is free. The paid music-flat are unlimited and Sony’s movie store although nice extras, there are but better alternatives such as Spotify or the distribution of films in the Google PlayStore.

Blunders In The Kur

Before we arrive on the quality of images from Sony’s 20 mega pixels camera, a brief detour back to the topic of performance. We have rarely seen a Smartphone that runs in the camera mode with so high and stable frame rate. Watching from the right moment for a recording thus becomes child’s play.The tripping time is too long including auto focus, but a tad bit (0.73 seconds). We have our Laboratory images recorded with 20 mega pixels in the 4:3 format. Images in 16:9-format take photos of the Z1 compact like its big brother only with 8 megapixels. Technically, the Z1 and Z1 compact cameras are identical. The Compact provides sharp images but little true to color and relatively noisy falling out.

Success In The Basics

The music player of the compact inspires us with clear and loud sound, many setting options and pre-built sound profiles. Also the phone acoustics the Smartphone collects points. The voice quality on mobile phone and fixed network page is exemplary. Even the handsfree can convince. Also the battery power falls below the cell phone basics. There is the Compact with very good conditions. The battery of the mobile phone offers many services for this screen size 2,300 mAh energy, higher than average. The results are very good times for telephony and duration browsing. In our tests, creates the compact 7:42 hours continuous telephony as well as 8:21 hours browsing at full screen brightness.Very good values, which joins a decent charge time of 2:48.


The Sony mobile phone costs down to the post-test 275 euro. A high price, which is currently still justified due to the excellent facilities. If you can compromise on screen resolution and design, it is Galaxy S4 mini worth a look from Samsung. It achieved not the extra class of the Z1 compact, but boasts long battery life, good tools, and brisk pace of work. Also, it is currently only about 200 euro.