Speakers For Mobile And Smartphones

Today we bring you a comprehensive guide to the best speakers for mobile. As you may have noticed you, each day that passes, we use mobiles for most things.

Some time ago that we don’t use them just to call, communicate, or surf the internet, they have now become also in our music players.

As all a smart phone user knows, internal mobile as described in new functions most speakers leaves much to be desired.Obviously, there are smart phones with better sound than others, such as the HTC One, but for those who want to get more match his motives as a music player, a few speakers for mobile are more than recommended. If you are music lovers, buy some quality for mobile speakers is a great investment.

What Should I Know Before Buying Speakers For My Smart phone?

Before you get the best recommendations (which surely is what you’re looking for) it is important that you read this couple of tips to make sure that you choose the speaker for mobile perfect.

#1 Tip: Choose A Wireless Speaker, Preferably With Bluetooth Connection.

When choosing speakers for your mobile you have basically 3 types of devices, based on the type of connection with the mobile phone:

Port Dock speakers: are hooked to the phone through a port (therefore non wireless). Is inicieron very popular iPods, now its popularity has fallen against the wireless speakers

Speakers with Bluetooth connection: connect to the phone through a Bluetooth connection.

Wireless speakers: need a WiFi connection to synchronize with the smart phone.

Port dock speakers are very into disuse today. Wired technology is fashion and the advantages of the wireless are many. We recommend wireless speakers. Even so, if you opt for a docking station, below you can see our recommendations.

Within the wireless speakers have 2 options: Bluetooth or WiFi.

Depending on where you want to use your speakers (at home or away), you will have to choose one option or the other. WiFi speakers need obviously of a WiFi network to function (though some also include Bluetooth connection). The majority of people seeking speakers for mobile want to be able to listen to your music anywhere, so my recommendation is to buy Bluetooth speakers.

If you want to see the differences and advantages and disadvantages between mobile and Smart phone, take a look at this picture:

Ultimately, the WiFi speakers tend to have extra features and a superior sound quality (especially if WiFi system is Apple AirPlay, Samsung Allshare or the Sonos, no matter if it is a generic DLNA), but the main disadvantage of wireless speakers is that you can not take them with you wherever or play your music directly from the phone (unless you also have bluetooth connection).

On the other hand the Bluetooth speakers do not have so many extra features such as a WiFi butthey allow you to play your songs directly from your smart phone, you can take them anywhere and are lighter than the WiFi.

Conclusion: if want some speakers that you can take them with you anywhere, play your music directly from the mobile e can even recharge the battery of your mobile phone, I recommend speakers bluetooth, no WiFi.

Tip #2: Verifies That They Meet These Requirements

When choosing a speaker for your mobile, ten into account the following recommendations:

Great autonomy: A speaker for mobile will be a product that you are going to use long House, so note to this section. Logically the cheap speakers you will not a large duration (around 2-3 hours at most), however in a range speaker middle/high we recommend an autonomy of 8 hours.

Mini USB port to recharge mobile: some speakers have one comes from

Portability: monitors the weight and measures of the speakers. Within the range of cheap speakers you won’t have a problem, because they tend to be very small. For others we recommend weighing less than 500 grams. A good example of quality speaker and portable is the Beats Pill, which weighs just 100 grams and has excellent sound quality.

Once seen these tips, we show you the best recommendations for iPhone as Android, as well as a selection of the best speakers for mobile cheap.

Range Speaker Middle/High

If you are looking for speakers for your mobile phone that give you great mobility and a superior sound quality, we will give you our recommendations 2. With either of these 2 options you won’t fail and they will give you a great performance regardless of the type of phone you have. Both options have a Bluetooth connection.

Beats Pill

Any audio device that implements the Beats Audio System is a guarantee of quality. Beats is perhaps the brand of headphones and wireless speakers more popular in the USA and was recently acquired by Apple. It weighs just 100 grams, has a range of 7-8 hours, you can recharge your mobile phone with him. All these features make the Beats Pill a great speaker for your smart phone.

☛ Beats Pill price usually haunt 200 euros, but depending on the color and the offers of the moment can find good discounts. The best offer that we found is this, where you can find it by 159 euros. You can read our complete review here.

Bose Soundlink Mini

Another of our recommendations is the Mini Bose Soundlink. Bose is another of those marks with excellent performance, both in sound and design this speaker is one of the best sellers in the market. A weight of 670 grams, a 7 hour battery life and good sound Bose warranty make this device an excellent choice for listening to music through your mobile.

☛ In case of you want more info, you can read a full analysis of this device here. As for the price, it has an official price of 200 euros. The best offer that we found is this from Amazon, where you can find it by €176.

Logitech EU Mini Boom

This is, in our opinion, perhaps the loudspeaker with best relation quality / price and one of our favorites along with the Mini Bose Soundlink. Although it is possible to find it more expensive, in the offers that we have found are 100 euros (depends on the color that you choose it). It is a speaker with a great quality of sound, a perfect size and a good autonomy. You won’t be disappointed so much if you want to use indoor and outdoor.

☛ As you have said, even though it has a more expensive price, this offer it is possible to find it for 99 euros.

Cheap Speakers For Mobile

Within this category we have included speakers whose price does not exceed 20 euros. These speakers are not advisable to listen to music at a high volume or to see movies or series.

Keep in mind one important thing: these speakers are really cheap and the sound quality is not spectacular. Really we only recommend them if you want them to listen to the radio or podcasts, but if you want them to listen to music or watch movies, we recommend a range of medium/high, these are not ready to sound good with music at a high volume.

August MS425: Wireless option

If you are looking for really cheap speakers, here always we recommend some August, as the August MS425model. This brand speakers tend to be the best sellers in the category of cheap speakers.Its price usually be below 20 euros and have an acceptable sound.They have a bluetooth connection and also have an entry Assistant with which you can connect your old MP3.

X-MINI-II: Option with cable

If you have decided not to make us case and want to buy a speaker without cheap and wireless connection, we recommend the XMI X-Mini-II. It has a price of around € 15 and decent sound quality. The best of the appliance is having a great autonomy, about 7-8 hours according to some users. Watch out! Watch out and don’t buy any Chinese counterfeiting on AliExpress, which sound much worse. Amazon is given in some cases that some customers have sent you a Chinese fake, but if you buy the speaker with Amazon as a Distributor, you avoid problems. You can get here without any problem.

Aukey BT013

These Aukey are one of the best selling cheap speakers in the major online websites. They have a sound powerful for its small size (and weight, slightly more than 400 grams) and quality more than decent for its price. It has a decent length, about 6-7 hours and is loaded in a short time (1 hour). Minijack has both Bluetooth as an input connection for connecting not wireless devices. Right now you have them at Amazon for only €17 (are worth when normally 30.)

Finally we also recommend that you take a look at our cheap speakers Guide. In it you will find many recommendations of low range speakers and a half.

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