Speed Skating World Championships

Run fast on skates is immensely popular in the Netherlands.Thanks to the many talents we can almost enjoy peak times and super performance in all winter. In addition to all-round sprint if there is since 1996 a world championship skating distance for men and for women. What a world champion to go the distance that has delivered for the men?

World Skate

Hard skating is one thing, competition second. Appealing performances always catches the imagination, and what could be better than to fight in the Civil meetings medals. Especially international competitions give the performance an extra shine.Since 1889, there are men’s World Cup held for allrounders. Since 1892 this by the ISU, made the International Skating Union. In that case, the riders compete for a high ranking in the standings. If after four stages with the lowest score is the points related to driving, is the champion. The distances driven are: 500 meters, 5,000 meters, 1,500 meters, 10,000 meters. To run and the short sprint distance, and 10,000-meter really have to be an all-round specialist.


Although the all-tournament guarantees tensions and conflicts, it is still a large number of skiers is not optimal.Who amazing 10,000 meters can skate, but has a bad sprint legs, looks basically no chance ever to win a round of the tournament. The specialist in a certain distance of an all-tournament, just not to the right.


When the Olympic Games are held every four years. Skating is since 1924 on the program. Distance skaters standing here alone. At this tournament distance specialists can finally come out of the paint. In practice this meant that in the past, that this group of athletes just once every four years, got the chance of a prize.

VM distance skating

Since 1996, ISU organizes the World Cup because of separate distance: 500 meters, 1,000 meters, 1,500 meters, 5,000 meters, 10,000 meters. Since 2005, it has added a new item to the World Single Distance Championships, the team pursuit. It seems that this new world fills a need: the tournament was very popular from the start.

Not every year

Initially it was planned to hold the World Cup every year. It turned out, however, that it gave a very full agenda skating in the Olympic year. Moreover, you were in an Olympic year, the Olympic Games, where athletes can excel in individual distances. After 1998, therefore, agreed to hold an Olympic year, no distance championships.


In the list below, you can see the world champions at distances of all this has brought men.


In the diagram, you can see how many world champions in each country at a distance.